Think of something that’s you’d like to improve in your life. Your relationship? Your health? Your finances? Your home?

Now here’s a question for you – how ready are you to receive what you say you want?

You see, there’s a difference between stating you want something and becoming the person who is ready to receive it.

Often the reason we don’t get what we want in life ISN’T because our desires haven’t been granted, but because we aren’t able to perceive how they have ALREADY been granted or receive them when they show up.

One of the best things I learned from one of my mentors is ‘If you have the desire, then the ‘way’ is there to achieve it, even if you can’t see it yet.’

His total belief in that statement helped me to stay open, even when the situation looked impossible. And sure enough, by keeping the faith and staying open, eventually ‘the way’ showed up.

But sometimes we can’t see ‘the way’ because we have a fied idea about how things should turn out.

It’s like we have blinkers on and just can’t see the opportunities around us. Then we get discouraged and stay stuck.

That’s why, whenever I set a goal in my life, I don’t just ask for the desired outcome, I set the intention of becoming the person who is able to receive that in my life.

So instead of wishing for love – decide to become a person who is capable of attracting and sustaining great love.

Instead of wishing for money – decide to become a person who is capable of attracting, receiving and keeping large sums of money.

You get the picture?

This week an unusal encounter in a coffee shop reminded me of the importance of this. I’d love to hear your comments.

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