Confessions of a Recovering Lone Ranger

I stand before you a recovering lone ranger. Yes, I’m confessing.

If you started your own business, you probably have an element of lone ranger in you, too. That inner belief – the willingness to go it alone – is what it takes to get your business off the ground.

But (and you knew there was a “but,” right?) that lone ranger attitude doesn’t support you in moving to new levels with your business. In fact, it can get in the way.

Are you a Lone Ranger?

If you suspect you might be a lone ranger, here are some questions to help you find out:

  • Do you ask others for help?
  • Are you open to accepting help from others?
  • Do you think if you don’t do it yourself, it won’t be done right, or at all?
  • Are you able to listen to the concerns of others?
  • Are you a member of a team, or a community of support/common interests?

If you can’t answer, “yes,” to all of these questions, there is a chance that there is a little bit of lone ranger still lingering in you.

Your Willingness to Accept Support

Fortunately, you can recover from Lone Ranger-itis – because one of THE most important leadership qualities you can possess as an entrepreneur is your willingness to accept support.

Here are some tips you can use to do so:

  • Change your mantra. Lone rangers say, “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.” You must change you mantra to, “If I’ve got a big dream, then I need a team.” You see, in the early stages of your business, the lone ranger attitude is great! That go-it-alone attitude is just what you need to get things off the ground. But as your business grows, not only does that attitude not serve you, but it can prevent you from delegating, getting support, and handing things over that aren’t in your zone of genius.
  • Blast away lone ranger lies!
  • Lie #1: “I should be able to do this.” This thought can keep you stuck. In fact, this lie stopped me from moving forward in my business for several years! With my background in selling and marketing, I was reluctant to ask for help in this area. Once I got out of my own way and let go of that arrogance, I hired a mentor. I tripled my revenues in the first year working with that mentor! Instead of saying, “I should be doing this,” ask instead, “Who else could help me with this?”
  • Lie #2: “I can do it myself.” Yes, you might be able to do it yourself, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should! Ask yourself: “Is this the highest and best use of my time?” If it’s not in the zone of your genius, you really want to hand it over.
  • Lie #3: “No one else can do this as well as me.” You might be right. If we’re talking about tasks in your zone of genius, you might be right. But my guess is there are lots of things taking up your time, energy and attention, but you’re not the best person to do it. Let me share with you how I determine whether I am supposed to do something. I always say, “If God wants me to do it, he’ll make sure I’m really good at it, or I love to do it.” So how can you tell if you’re in your genius zone? When you’re doing something you do so well, you’re energized by it, you love doing it, you can’t believe you get paid to do it … and it comes easily to you, then you are in your genius zone.

Let’s translate this into action!

Think back over the past couple of days. When were you operating in your genius zone and when were you doing stuff you’re competent at, but it’s not in your genius zone?

Make a list. (No, really! Write it down.)

When help shows up – and it will – you know exactly what you’re going to hand over.

Next, I want to share an affirmation that really helped me to accept more support and help in my business. I got it from Abraham Hicks.

“At your soonest convenience, please show me who I am going to hand this over to.”

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

I like to say, “When the receiver is ready, the helper appears.”

Become receptive to receiving support. You’ll know when you get more receptive because, trust me, the support is going to show up.

Learn to be supported

Learning to be supported is a skill anyone can learn. Trust me: I have all my lone ranger credentials. But I have learned to accept support. And you can, too!

Finally, spend some time noticing all the places in life where you are already supported. You are supported in so many invisible ways! Take a moment to think about how many people have to show up at work on time for you to be able to fly safely when you’re going on a flight.

You know how they say that what you focus on expands? Well, think about all the ways in which you are supported, and you allow yourself to receive more support.

I’d love to hear from you: Are you a recovering lone ranger? Are you entrenched in the lone ranger mindset? Is it difficult to ask for help?

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