“Within two years, aged 41, Bernadette was a millionaire, training business owners how to maximise profits by moving aspects of their business online.”

“If my teenage self could see me now, sipping cocktails and discussing business strategy with a famous billionaire, on his private island, she wouldn’t believe her eyes!”

“Working from home allows me to see my kids a lot more… I’m a mum first, then a businesswoman.”

“Being successful is about working smarter, not harder – just ask North Belfast mum of two Bernadette Doyle.”

“Bernadette Doyle, an entrepreneur who has grown an online business empire from home as a single mum, has developed a 90 minute online video FREEDOM FORMULA to support other aspiring entrepreneurs to change their thinking in order to change their life.”

“She’s already made millions with her sales and marketing strategies, and now Belfast based business woman, Bernadette Doyle, is planning a seminar on the 20 March in the Fitzwilliam Hotel that will show business owners here how to solve one of the most pressing problems facing any small business: how to attract and retain a steady stream of clients and customers.”

“Single mother Bernadette Doyle, from Belfast, founded business-coaching empire Client Magnets five years ago.”


“…juggling a multi-million euro empire with the school run, she’s on her way to Dublin to teach other working mums how to do it all too.”


“A single mum has vowed to show budding entrepreneurs how to get the best out of their business and their home life.”


“Bernadette Doyle is a single mum who lives in Belfast with her two sons’ Benan, (5) and JJ (3). She is managing drector of her own business Client Magnets which helps small to medium-sized businesses improve their profits while making time for family life.”


“Doyle can help fellow Irish entrepreneurs to reach their goals…”