This week:  The Difference between Giving up and Surrender – When It Comes to Your Intention: Are You on the Verge of an Entrepreneurial Breakthrough?

As an entrepreneur, you may not even realize you’re on the verge of a breakthrough until the moment comes when you must decide whether to give up on your intention.

On a recent episode of BernadetteTV, I talked about the power of intention, an idea originally made popular by spiritual teachers like Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle. Put simply, it’s about setting an intention, taking action toward that intention, acting as though your intention is delivered, and then surrendering, knowing you’ve done everything you can to get the results you want.

The episode was really popular, getting 305 shares and 780 Facebook “likes”!


Since it aired, I’ve also heard from lots of people wanting to know the difference between giving up and surrender. It’s a great question, because really, the 2 are very distinct things with very different qualities.

Giving up is admitting defeat, right? Think about your tone of voice, the emotion behind it, when you throw your hands up and say, “I give up!”

You’re frustrated and exasperated, right?

But when you surrender, there is peace to it. There is a sense of calm acceptance.

When you set your intention, you must continue taking action toward it while also surrendering to the knowledge that it will happen. Know, with peace, that it will happen.

I’ve experienced this in my own life, and I’ve seen my coaching clients experience it as well: The time you are most tempted to give up is the time you are right on the verge of a breakthrough.

So I implore you, don’t give up! Stick with it.

You’re on the verge of a miracle – wait for it.

I want to hear from you: Have you ever faced the choice about whether to give up? What did you do? Did you experience a breakthrough? Have you chosen to surrender? What happened? Post your comments below!

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