The Fear Of Not Being Good Enough

In my 20 years helping clients market their businesses, go out and get new clients, and step up and play a bigger and bolder game, there is one fear that comes up over and over again: the fear of not being good enough, or the fear of failure.

I’m about to offer a brand new perspective on how to overcome fear of failure – and unlock your hidden power as an entrepreneur.

On the newest episode of BernadetteTV, “How to Overcome Fear of Failure (or Fear of Not Being Good Enough)” I’m NOT going to try to logically convince you that you ARE good enough – because if you’re carrying around a sense of not being good enough, it’s operating at an emotional level.

It’s time to shift this, once and for all.

The Fear of Not Being Good Enough

First, let’s talk about how the idea of not being good enough can show up in business.

If you don’t put your marketing out there, because you’re afraid it’s not good enough and you keep telling yourself you need more time to get it ready, fear of not being good enough may be stopping you from taking action.

If you don’t set out with big, bold offerings to attract your clients, you may be telling yourself a “not good enough” story.

Finally, if you are attracting clients who are very demanding and find whatever you do is not good enough, then you may be experiencing a sense of not being good enough.

The thing is, this is a story you’re telling yourself. It might be a very convincing story, and it’s likely an “old” one you’ve taken on and have been carrying around with you for some time.

And if this is the case, you’re likely finding evidence to prove that story true.

It may be that you start to recognize that there are subtle things you do that enable you to play out the “not good enough” pattern over and over and over again.

So here’s what NOT to do if you believe this to be the case with you:

Do NOT spend time trying to figure it out! So many people want to understand why, where does this come from, why do I do this? Why can’t I overcome this?

You can spend years trying to overcome it by approaching it that way.

A far more powerful and faster way to shift this pattern is to align with the deeper truth about yourself.

We are powerful beyond measure

There is a quote by Marianne Williamson that goes like this: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

I have clients who have struggled with the idea of not being good enough – and underneath that is a more powerful gift they were scared of or wanted to avoid.

For example, I have clients who talk about not being good enough, but they actually have a gift of being more than enough. Just their presence makes a difference! They can alter the shape of the room simply being who they are.

It’s cool, and it’s powerful.

But often, rather than owning our magic, it’s easier to make up a story about not being good enough that enables us to carry on hiding, stay stuck in fear, and avoid stepping out fully, owning our gifts and sharing them with the world.

So I have an invitation for you.

If you can relate to the idea of not being good enough, and you’ve been trying to figure it out for years, answer this question:

Find your deeper truth

Q. What is the deeper truth about yourself that you’ve been avoiding? What is the power you’ve been afraid of?

Step up and own it. Claim that power today.

I’d love to see you post in the comments section below – share what you’ve been avoiding. Once you begin to shift this perspective, you shift everything else, too.

And remember – Marianne Williamson also said that as we give ourselves permission to shine, we unconsciously give permission to all those around us to shine, too.

In other words, the moment you evolve past the “I’m not good enough” story, you’re helping to heal the world!

Thanks for watching. If this has struck a chord with you, please leave a comment below. & Remember…. “You Are Powerful Beyond Measure” 🙂

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