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For successful business women who are challenged by ‘too many ideas but not enough time’ and really want to simplify their business so they can make more money by working in a smarter way.

hi, i’m bernadette doyle

What makes me unique is that I have built my own home-based business to the million dollar level not just once, but twice! The first time I did it by working hard, getting busier and frankly doing a lot of stuff I didn’t really want to do, but thought I had to do to be successful. Then I got a huge wake up call when my son nearly died that caused me to re-evaluate everything.

The second time I did it, I did it with a much simpler business model that works around my family and allows me plenty of time off. Even though I no longer lead business events outside of my home town, I am still able to connect with and serve clients all over the world.

I believe every woman can make the money she wants with a business and revenue model that suits her.

Each of my clients get a unique business plan that is tailored to their life. The truth is there are a million ways to make money, so it’s not how much you make but HOW you make it (and how much of it you keep!)

The best way for us to get to know each other is through my free PDF: The Ultimate Guide To Online Profits.


Are You Showing Up In Business?

A motivational experience about showing up in business. Several years ago, I was on holiday at Club La Santa, a sports resort where there were lots of fitness classes scheduled throughout the day. One lunch time, I was lounging by the pool, in a perfect position to observe the following scene

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Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity…

…CASH IS REALITY. And it’s not just how much you make, but HOW you make it, and how much you keep. How long did it take me to grow a million dollar business? I started off online in 2004 with just one ebook, but I coasted for a while. When I found out I...

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Cracking the Code of Your Online Business

  I sent out a message and asked, “If you could lock Bernadette in a room for 15 minutes and ask her anything, what would you ask?”   One of the questions that came up was … “Bernadette, how did you crack the code to get that breakthrough in your...

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Can I Set Up My Business To Run Itself?

  I want to talk to you about what it really takes to run an online business, and to what extent an online business can be a business that runs on its own. This question came from a lady called Lisa, who wrote to me asking ...  "Is it really possible...

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Cure for the Curse of Comparisonitis

  What is comparisonitis? It is when you are comparing yourself or your accomplishments or your achievements to other people and feeling that you are somehow coming up short. Comparisonitis has the potential to make you downright miserable. In fact,...

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“I quadrupled my business since working with Bernadette, and my lifestyle has changed a lot because I have LESS clients but make WAY more money now. The best business decision I ever made”

Argentina Leyva, Photographer

“I quadrupled my business in 6 months and I’m well on track to 5x it, if not more so. Two years ago I was nearly bankrupt and now I’m looking at a million dollar business. I feel a lot freer, I feel like I’ve found that happiness I’ve always been looking for”

– Rebecca Mountain, Social Media Business Owner

““I went from being away from home 5 days a week to being at home 90% of the time. Now on track to reach a million in revenue this year, and I have the freedom to do what I really love””

– Nickki Coffin, Recruitment Business