Are you worried your business will dry up during this global Corona crisis? Then tune in, because I've got six things you can do to keep money flowing into your business (during ANY economic climate - YES!  Even through the Corona crisis).

Read on ... 

# 1  Take care of yourself

You're your most important asset. So, first of all, before you do anything you need to take care of you. Now is the time to use your grounding rituals to keep yourself centered.  What rituals do you have that you need to keep in place and what rituals can you introduce during this time?

  • Yoga
  • Journaling
  • Mediation
  • Walks in nature
  • Other creative activities

# 2 Know there IS a WAY even if you can't see it

Now is the time to simply stay open to the way forwards.  When you stay open, even in the most difficult circumstances, opportunities will show themselves.   Align yourself with others moving forward, who are not struck by fear and panic. As long as you keep moving forward, you will see the new opportunities presented to you in this market. 

#3   Manage your brain and your emotions

Managing your brain and your emotions is key to navigating this time of crisis. You weren't given an instruction manual for your brain and emotions when you were born. So, this is something you can learn.  You can learn “on the job” and you can learn it one thought at a time.

Right now, there is one dominant thought you have.  How is it making you feel?   Is the thought, “no one's buying”, then, it’s time to play with that thought.  Challenge yourself on the thought.  Ask, “is that really true”?

Because there ARE people still buying.  If people aren’t buying from you, ask who in your industry is still buying and what is it they are buying?  If people aren’t buying what you were offering two weeks ago, what are they buying now?  Stay curious and be willing to adjust.

#4 Don't take action from panic

If you find yourself in panic, the best investment of your time and your attention is to get yourself back in a state of calmness again, and then take action from there.

Even if it takes you five hours, to get to a point of calmness, so you only have one hour left, when you can actually make phone calls or write emails; that's better to do instead of spending six hours just going around like a crazy person in blind panic.

#5 You create your own money flow

Money is always flowing somewhere. And if it's not flowing to you right now, you need to get curious about where the money is flowing, and what is it that you have to offer so that the money flow can start to come to you.


Since actioning all your “daily doings” things have exploded! Within 4 weeks I’ve made an extra £7,800 with another £25,000 in the pipeline.

I’m fully booked for my live trainings and people are on a waitlist for 2021! I’ve also started offering my certification program. Then there’s all the new demand from people around the world who want to work with me online because they can’t fly to me. And, of course, the Corona virus is hitting people, and they want to work with me.

I always dreamed of this! As a single mum it’s important for me to be able to grow my business, have a secure, consistent income while being able to take care of my child." ~ Lara Kaza

#6 The time-tested method for attracting clients

My time-tested method for attracting clients fast works in any economic climate. 

Talk to people, find out what they want. If you've got any client base reach out and phone them and say, “Hey, I've just been thinking about you. This place we find ourselves in now, how is it impacting you?”

Don’t make the call from a place of looking to sell or pitch.  Be curious and ask them how they are.   Learn from them, find out what they are thinking. Because I promise you, through those connections, and having real caring conversations, opportunities are going to emerge.   

There are opportunities that you can fulfill.  There are opportunities that you can get paid for that will keep the money flowing into your business.

Weeks and months from now, you may well look back at this moment and say, 

“That was the best thing that could ever have happened.”  OR 

“I'm so grateful because it gave me the opportunity to finally launch that program I’ve been talking about that's too scary to do.”  OR

“This gave me that opportunity to finally, incorporate something new.” OR

“It gave me an opportunity to move into a totally new niche.”

Because, the thing  is, if you manage yourself and your emotions, if you don't go into panic, and you just stay open to keep finding the way through.

Opportunities are going to come out of this crisis.

If you like what I'm saying, and you want to know how you can keep attracting clients and keep the money flowing into your business during this time of uncertainty, then download my Free PDF. Are You Ready to Get More Clients and Make More Money