Advice for a working mom

What do you do when you’re trying to get a new business off the ground, but you’re still working a day job AND you have a family too? Sometimes it can seem that your business dream is out of reach, unless you compromise your work and family balance.

That’s the question we’ll answer in this week’s episode of BernadetteTV. You’ll get to meet Martha, a mother of 4 boys who is trying to get her business off the ground while juggling employed work too.

Times like these it CAN seem like an impossible challenge to balance work and family, but the good news is, there is always a way.

And I’m speaking from experience. In just a few short years, I turned my own little website, selling just one e-book into an online ‘information empire’ that to date has generated millions of dollars online, all while raising my two sons, now aged 5 and 7.

So I am passionate about helping other women with this challenge – and in this week’s episode I share with Martha (and you!) the 6 essential steps to help you get control of your time and create a business that works for you AND your family.

The fact is, with the right plan in place, and the support and accountability to keep you implementing that plan, you can achieve anything.

After you’ve watched this episode, I would love to hear YOUR tips for managing a day job and family while trying to get a new business off the ground. Are you also facing the same challenges as Martha? Or have you found a way to juggle all those things and create a successful business. Please share your experience below!

And make sure to watch this one right to the VERY end for the ‘ladies-only’ joke. You’ll see what I mean when you get there 😉