Understanding your ideal clients’ needs and desires is fundamental to creating an offer they want to buy. I use simple conversations called Mining for Gold to do this.

Check out why this works so well.

As I’ve shared with you before, one of the best things you will ever spend your time on (other than sales calls of course) is having conversations with people who are representative of your ideal clients to uncover their needs. 

I call this process Mining for Gold and it’s one of the core parts of my program Get Clients, Make Money. 

The aim of these conversations is to gain a firsthand understanding of the emotional needs and desires of your ideal clients so you can match your offer to what they want and would be willing to pay for. 

You might think you can guess at this without actually bothering to have these conversations, especially if you believe you already know your audience well. 

But the truth is you only have to look in the graveyard of failed products and services to see what happens when business owners skip this part. 

Case in point...the recent horror show online when 2 guys decided to launch Pinky Gloves – a set of bright pink gloves to help women ‘discreetly’ dispose of menstrual products. (“I need a pair of day-glo gloves for this task” said no woman ever).

So why do so many people overlook this step?

Usually it’s because the thought of having these types of conversations brings up uncomfortable feelings.

Maybe you’re worried about being rebuffed, or that you might come across the wrong way.

Let me reassure you that when you do this exercise from a genuine place of wanting to understand, it’s actually quite simple to have these conversations. 

The irony is that even though they are not sales conversations, when you ask questions the way I teach my Get Clients, Make Money members, there are times when the person you’re chatting to comes to the realisation that they really DO need what you’re thinking of offering (or already have), and ask to go on your waitlist, or even sign up with you there and then. 

This happened recently with my client Lois.

She had ten Mining for Gold conversations and as a result, five of the people she spoke to decided they needed her coaching program and signed up, even though she hadn’t done the call with the intention of selling.

Lois accidentally made 10k, just from being willing to hop on some calls and ask good questions with an attitude of seeking to understand her ideal clients.  

The bottom line is this – you will only get clear on what people want and are willing to pay for by having conversations. 

And this is a process which is ongoing because over time your audience’s needs might change, or external circumstances create different wants and desires. 

You can use this process to get clear on your offer and audience AND to continue to refine your understanding of what people want even when you have an existing offer, which is what happened in Lois’s case. 

The beauty of these conversations is that there is no downside. 

You’re gathering hugely valuable insights about what your audience really wants, and when you use this to create an offer that matches those wants, it’s so much easier to make sales. 

And often the process ALSO results in quick and easy sales, even when that wasn’t the intention. 

So if you would like my exact step-by-step strategies and coaching to nail your own Mining for Gold conversations...and who knows...even to make an ‘accidental’ 10k in sales just like Lois had, check out my Get Clients, Make Money program >> HERE <<.