You already know you need to be creating and sharing free content to attract prospective clients and build your audience but are you giving away too much for free?

So in this video, I’m addressing this thorny issue... 

Are you giving away too much for free?

I’m diving into:

-- The biggest mistake I see business owners making with free content, and the strategic approach you need to adopt instead.

-- The two questions you need to ask yourself if you want your free content to convert into buyers.

-- Why your prospects are sick of being fire-hosed with information and what your content needs to do to help them see you as someone they could work with in a paying capacity.

-- Three things you must include in your free content.

-- An insight into my own free content strategy – how I think about ‘the competition’ and where my free content fits into this picture (it’s probably not what you think).

-- Why the question ‘am I giving away too much for free’ is the wrong question and the ONE thing your clients will always want to pay for, even if you gave ALL your information away.

I get asked about this topic almost weekly and a lot of coaches and consultants have said to me that they’re turning out a ton of free content, but it’s not getting any buyers.

If the same is happening for you, watch this video HERE, where I’m giving you a new way of looking at this issue. Done the right way, free content is a great way to attract more leads and get more paying clients, but you need to understand the principles behind it, which I’m sharing with you.