How ready are you to receive what you say you want? 

Think of something that’s you’d like to improve in your life. Your relationship? Your health? Your finances? Your home?

Now here’s a question for you – how ready are you to receive what you say you want?

You see, there’s a difference between stating you want something and becoming the person who is ready to receive it.



Often the reason we don’t get what we want in life ISN’T because our desires haven’t been granted, but because we aren’t able to perceive how they have ALREADY been granted or receive them when they show up.

One of the best things I learned from one of my mentors is ‘If you have the desire, then the ‘way’ is there to achieve it, even if you can’t see it yet.’

His total belief in that statement helped me to stay open, even when the situation looked impossible. And sure enough, by keeping the faith and staying open, eventually ‘the way’ showed up.

But sometimes we can’t see ‘the way’ because we have a fixed idea about how things should turn out.

It’s like we have blinkers on and just can’t see the opportunities around us. Then we get discouraged and stay stuck.

That’s why, whenever I set a goal in my life, I don’t just ask for the desired outcome, I set the intention of becoming the person who is able to receive that in my life.

So instead of wishing for love – decide to become a person who is capable of attracting and sustaining great love.

Instead of wishing for money – decide to become a person who is capable of attracting, receiving and keeping large sums of money.

You get the picture?

This week an unusual encounter in a coffee shop reminded me of the importance of this.

I stopped to get myself a cappuccino, and while I was waiting to get my
cappuccino and pay, a woman came into the coffee shop and she said to the
people at the counter, do you accept cards? They said yes, but we have a
minimum. She said, oh, well that’s a shame because I haven’t got any cash
and I really would like a cup of coffee.

Before I knew what was happening, I took the money out of my pocket and I
said here, I’ll buy you a cup of coffee. She said, no no no, don’t be
silly and she basically left without getting the coffee. As I thought
about this, I thought wow, this is a really interesting experience because
there are so many lessons here that I think we could mind.

So the first thing is, one of my mentors once said to me, whenever you
desire anything, the fact that you desire it means that the way to achieve
it is simultaneously present. Now I know this might challenge your
thinking, but Doreen Virtue says this too. She said God doesn’t give us our
dreams without the ability to make them happen.

OK, I get a cup of coffee isn’t a dream. It’s not like dreaming of a
house, or a boat, or a car, or a fantastic relationship. But the desire
for the coffee was there, and simultaneously, the way to get the coffee was
present. I was there with the money in my hand, ready to give it to her.
Anything that you currently desire, there is also the way to achieve it. But maybe,
like the woman in the coffee shop, you have set ideas or rules about how
this should come to you.

Clearly for her, she wasn’t able to accept a cup of coffee from a
stranger. Maybe she thought it was going to come with strings attached or
there’d be other obligations. Or maybe she has just been brought up with a
sense of politeness that that’s just not the done thing. So is there a
possibility that there’s something that you want in life, that life wants
to give you and yet because you have a fixed idea about how it should come,
you’re not able to receive it?

The second point I want to make about this story is there’s a big
difference between being someone who is wishing for something, and being
the person who is ready to receive it. In this instance, when I offered
the cup of coffee, her reflex response was, don’t be silly. I don’t think
it’s silly to buy a stranger a cup of coffee. In fact, it would have made
me really happy to do it, and yet her reflex response was no. Who knows
why that was? Maybe it was fear of obligation. But the point is; is there
something that you are asking for in your life or your business, whilst
you’re asking for it, you’re simultaneously having a reflex response that
is pushing that thing away?

The third point is this, if you want to have a lot in life, probably the
best muscle that you can develop is your receiving muscle, your ability to
receive. The question is; how good can you stand it? How much can you
tolerate? It’s really important to start practicing being able to receive.
For example, if you’re asking for a lot and yet the amount that you can
receive through is just like a pinhole, you’re never going to be able to
get all the things that you’re asking for. Now think about it, in this
instance, it was just a 2.50 cup of coffee, and yet that was too much for
that woman to be able to receive.

So my invitation to you is to examine your life, and are there places in
your life where it shows you have a limit on how much you will allow
yourself to receive. Now a great place to start is with compliments, and
particularly women. We have a way of brushing off compliments. Someone
says, that’s a great color on you, and the reaction is, oh, this old thing.
Or, you did a great job and someone say ‘that was amazing’.

But you reply ‘oh, I feel like I could have done better.

This week I want you to practice receiving in any way that you can. Once
you start to do this you’ll notice that there’s lots of places in your life
where things are being offered to you and your job is to just be ready to
receive it. The best way to do that is to say, yes please, or thank you.

So what do you think about this? Are there place in your life where
you’ve been asking for something, and yet now you recognize you’ve actually
been at the same time pushing it away? How good are you at receiving? I’d love
to hear your comments below!