An experience about showing up in business that I’ll never forget: Several years ago, I was on holiday at Club La Santa, a sports resort where there were lots of fitness classes scheduled throughout the day. One lunch time, I was lounging by the pool, in a perfect position to observe the following scene as it unfolded before me.

Showing Up In BusinessAn aqua aerobics class was scheduled for midday. Shortly before, the instructor arrived, set up her music, and waited for her participants. There had been a big party the previous night, and I didn’t predict a huge turnout for the class.

When it got to midday, not a single person turned up. I saw this instructor walk towards the music system. I guessed she was about to pack up and leave. To my surprise, she started her music and started her warm-up, calling instructions to an empty pool.

I was stunned. It must have taken some courage to lead an empty class.



But I was also impressed by her commitment.  As far as she was concerned, she had been booked to lead the class. And just because participants hadn’t turned up, that wasn’t going to stop her from showing up and doing her bit. She didn’t run around the pool trying to rally support and persuade us up from our sun lounges, she just started the class.

Bernadette Doyle_Showing Up In BusinessYears before I’d ever considered the phrase “client magnet,” I was witness to this demonstration of client magnetism, because after a few minutes, the combination of loud music plus the spectacle of an aerobics instructor shouting instructions to an empty pool pulled a few curious observers.

A couple of them got into the water and joined in. Before long, at least 10 people had joined the class. The instructor didn’t care how many people turned up. She had decided that nothing would stop her from fully showing up and giving 100% commitment to the class.

In doing so, the instructor became a powerful magnet who had her vision of a class manifest before my eyes.

How are you showing up in your business?