How To Break Through The Ceiling On Your Income (While Working Less) ... 

The Ceiling on Your Income – What’s Your Figure?

If I were to introduce you to a raving fan today;  to work with you, to sign up with you, AND if I had completely pre-sold this person, letting them know that in your area of expertise you're someone who walks on water, you’re the bees' knees, you are the best in your business…

I’m talking about someone who is ready to buy from you today, now …   

What’s the most amount that person could invest with you today?  Whatever that figure is, that is the ceiling on your income.

The Fastest Way To Break Through The Ceiling of Your Income

The fastest way for you to break the ceiling on your income is to raise the amount that you can tolerate receiving from any client in one go.  

You can blog as much as you want, you can do as many Facebook Lives, you can send as many emails as you can.  You can do loads and loads of busy work, but you won’t break through the ceiling on your income until …

you make the shift of how much you can tolerate receiving from one client, in one go.

Until you can expand your receiving zone, you’re going to find yourself doing more and more work in your business.  You’ll continue to feel like you’re spinning your wheels faster and faster and you're not going to see the return in your business.

The Assumption That Limits Your Receiving Zone

There is an assumption out there that will limit your capacity to receive money and grow your business to the next level.  

The assumption is …

that the amount of money you make is in some way directly proportional to the amount of effort or hours you put in.

Many people believe that in order to double or triple their results they have to double or triple their effort.  For you, who are already working hard in your business, the very thought of doubling your income feels like hard work.   

There's part of you that says, “I'm not even willing to set a bigger goal because if it's this hard at this level, I can't handle double or triple or four times more effort or work or struggle or sacrifice.”

When you buy into this assumption, you won’t even allow yourself to name the figure that will break the ceiling on your income.   And that’s because you're afraid that the moment you set that goal you'll be setting yourself up for a nasty old slog of hard work.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I know from experience, that to double, triple or quadruple your results, is not going to require double or triple or four times the effort, the slog, or the hard work.

In fact, in my experience quadrupling your results comes from stopping doing certain things and it comes from getting much more focused and streamlined.

First Step to Expand Your Receiving Zone

Expanding your receiving zone is about having a shift in your mindset.   It’s about expanding your capacity to receive and your willingness to get paid higher amounts.

I recently had a conversation with a client who wanted to raise his income.  We’d restructured his current business offerings so that he would be working a lot less than he had been previously, for a whole lot more money. 

I asked him very directly (because it’s an important question),

“Can you tolerate receiving so much more money for doing this amount of work?”

He answered, “Yes, I'm willing.”

And I said to him,  “You know what? That's all it takes.”

It’s the willingness that gets you taking the first step outside your comfort zone.  

All you need to do is say “I’m willing.”  Are you ready to break that ceiling on your income?  Are you ready to expand your receiving zone?  Are you willing to tolerate a higher amount even though it might get uncomfortable?

Then I’m here to guide you to your next step.