Celebrating Success Stories with Bernadette Doyle

We're celebrating success today!   


In honour of my client Janet.  

Janet just made her first 6000 euro sale. This achievement is even more impressive considering that just a month ago, her highest price offering was 275 euro. She was struggling and frustrated.  Janet was asking herself why her 20+ years of experience had not translated into business success. She’s taken massive action, worked on her marketing AND her mind-set.  And she now knows that this sale is just the start.


In honour of my client Avril. 

Avril has DOUBLED her revenues from £45k to £90k over the past 12 months! She is set to smash 6 figures now. More importantly, she has created online offerings.  These enable her to serve more clients and completely eliminate 1:1s from her business. That means she's now got a foundation to double her business again if she chooses.


In honour of my client Debbie.

Debbie took my advice and a deep breath.  She raised her prices by 60% this week (and got it without any price resistance from her very next client). With a busy private practice and two young girls, Debbie is severely time-pressed.  In the short term this means she can free up valuable time without sacrificing income. In the long term that means she’ll have more time to devote to launch her online program and more than replace her current ‘time for money’ income.

Here’s why I’m telling you this.

Chances are you’re facing the same challenges that these clients were eg ...

  • You’d like to serve clients in a way that doesn’t suck up a ton of your time, but you haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

  • You’d like to double your business (who wouldn’t?) but can’t see a way to do that without a whole heap of extra work (and it feels like you’re already working as hard as you can)
  • You’d like to charge more for what you offer, but you don’t have the confidence to do so yet, or you’re concerned that clients won’t pay the price you’d like to charge.

I want you to know that I am 100% confident I can help you solve these challenges, just like I’ve helped these clients solve them.

What these clients have in common is that they’re all committed, coachable and resourceful. They’ve all had to stretch way beyond their comfort zone to achieve these results.

Yup, the specific direction and support I gave them helped, but it would have counted for nothing if they didn’t take action on what I showed them.

If you’re committed to making real changes in your business, coach-able and resourceful, then I know I can help you achieve these kind of results too.

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~ Bernadette Doyle