Picture the scene...

You hop on a ‘let’s see if we’re a great fit to work together’ call with a prospect.

They explain what they’re struggling with at the moment and what they want their life to look like instead and because it’s second nature to you, you dive right in and give them some coaching.

Not a ton. Just enough to show the person that you know your stuff.

They thank you profusely and assure you they will let you know very soon whether they’ll sign up and work with you.

The days pass and everything goes quiet.

Then lo and behold, a few weeks later you see that very same prospect on social media singing the praises of their new coach they just signed up to work with.

Their new coach...who does exactly what it was you knew YOU could help them with.


That’s a bitter pill to swallow, right? And I know it happens a lot in the world of coaching and consulting.

Here’s the thing. There’s a time and place for giving your transformative coaching and a sales call is NOT that time.

The purpose of a ‘shall we work together’ call is to understand where the person is stuck and what their challenges are, so you can establish whether you are the right person to help them achieve the transformation they desire.

I know it’s tempting to think that by throwing in a spot of free coaching you’re leading with value and being so nice that they’ll want to sign up there and then.

But the truth is, it’s doing them and you a disservice.

It’s not enough to create the real, lasting change they desire. (How can it be, when typically you work with your clients over multiple sessions or weeks?)

And the danger is that the free coaching you give them makes them believe they have just enough information to make a difference for the time being, so they wander off, think their challenges have been solved...only to have them reappear again a few weeks later.

If you’re making this mistake, I know you’re doing it from a place of good intentions.

And I also know that it’s costing you sales.

When you coach on your sales calls, people who can and should be working with you, benefiting from the amazing skills you have to help them solve their problems are ending up NOT enrolling with you.

The good news is that it’s very easy to fix.

When you work with me in my Get Clients, Make Money program, I teach you exactly what to say on your calls with prospective clients, so it feels natural and authentic. There’s no strong-arm selling, I promise. Instead, you learn my Compassionate Close which makes the calls a pleasure for you and your prospects.

Here’s what Be said about doing sales calls the way I teach:

“Just had my first sales call WIN. It’s the first time that I have never done any coaching on the call!! Found all the pain points, talked about them deeply and the woman wants to buy. I didn’t even shift on the price and just let it roll off my tongue.”

If you’re tired of missing out on working with great clients, come and join us in Get Clients, Make Money.

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