I look back at all the pieces I had to figure out when I first started my online business.  Back then there was no easy software like shopping carts, list managers, or marketing funnel software.   In fact, fifteen years ago, we didn’t even talk about funnels – at least not in terms of that language. 

In many ways, these days, it’s easier to start an online business than when I first started out.   There are amazing opportunities that allow you to start a business from your spare room and be making a full-time income, working part-time hours.

But while it may be easier to start an online business, because of all the options available there's more confusion in the marketplace.   

People starting out online can be bombarded with tactics and opportunities that they don't need.   Think about it, if we needed all these tactics to get clients in the past, how many of us would be making an income 15 years ago?

Starting an online business is not about knowing the latest marketing tactic or having the latest software on offer.   It’s about getting started from where you are now and working with what you have.  You need to cut through the confusion and get really clear about:   "What am I doing? What's the business I'm in? What's essential? What's the distraction?" 

No Successful Business Started at The Perfect Starting Block

One of the things that stops people from getting started or causes people to sabotage themselves is wishing they had a different starting point.    I’ve heard people lament …

“If only I’d started sooner.”

“If only I’d started when Bernadette did.”

“I’ll just wait until I’ve finished my degree.”

“If only I’d waited until after I had kids.”

But the fact of the matter is, all we’ve got is where we are.


Look at any success story and nobody ever starts out from a perfect starting block.  Most people have some form of obstacles to overcome. And so, rather than try and figure out your grand plan, in my experience, the best thing to do is wholeheartedly commit and do your best in taking the next step from where you are with what you already have. 

For example, if you’ve decided to start a Podcast.   If you’ve made the decision to host a podcast on a topic that you’re passionate about …  you put in the effort, you show care in what you are doing,  you share your passion for the topic.   By simply doing that, you can’t help but generate opportunities for your business to grow.   

Because it’s not about the podcast. It’s about the passion behind it. It’s the commitment you personally show that really gets things moving and brings in the business.   It’s about how you show up.  It’s about who you are being in your business.

To Start a Successful Online Business, Bring Your “A Game”

While most people starting out online are trying to figure out the best strategy or the best marketing tactic they should use, I’d like to offer you a more effective question to ask …

“Who do I need to be when I’m doing my business?” OR
 “How do I need to show up?”

I’ve mentored many people to a million dollars and beyond in their businesses.  When it comes to starting and growing an online business you need to bring your “A Game”.

I require all of my clients to bring their “A Game".  It takes huge amounts of resilience and commitment to get a business off the ground, because you’re starting from a place of inertia.

It’s when you’re first starting out, that you are putting in the most effort for the least return.  If you’re looking for a quick fix business, the truth is, it's not going to work long-term.  It’s a bit like the person who goes on a diet on a Monday and then because they haven’t got their ideal body by Thursday, they want to quit.   It’s the ongoing commitment that’s going to help you stick. 

I’ve mentored many people to a million dollars and beyond in their businesses. When it comes to starting and growing an online business you need to bring your “A Game”

So, rather than focusing on hype, or the quick fix marketing tactics, the best thing to do is focus on who you are being.  Focus on your passion, add more value to more people, and commit to doing that.   Because the energy of commitment is what really makes the magic happen in business.