I recently got asked about Cracking the Code of Your Online Business … 

I sent out a message and asked, “If you could lock Bernadette in a room for 15 minutes and ask her anything, what would you ask?”   One of the questions that came up was …

“Bernadette, how did you crack the code to get that breakthrough in your online business?”   



Here’s my short answer. There’s only two things you need to focus on:

You need to focus on growing your list – growing a list of prospects.  These are people who have raised their hands and expressed an interest. You then need to make paid offers to that list.  You need to put things in front of that list that they want to pay for and say ‘yes’ to. That’s it.

That is the code to growing a successful online business.  It’s cracked in those two steps and you don’t need to ask any more questions about that. If you want to know more about the “how to”, there’s lots of other videos on my YouTube channel that show you how to do both those things.


However, there is a longer answer to this question …

The truth is, if I look back over my journey, there hasn’t been one defining breakthrough moment.  There’s been a series of breakthroughs. There’s been a series of shifts on the inside, and then shifts on the outside that overall and cumulatively added up to results I achieve.

To an outside observer, it might have looked as though there was a key moment. In fact, I remember someone who had been reading my email newsletters, back in about 2004.  They contacted me and said, “Hey, I used to get your newsletter and now I see that you’re on Necker Island with Richard Branson!”, which I was for the first time back in 2011.  I’ve been back five times in total now.   And so, I could appreciate that to the outside observer it looks like ‘oh hey, not so long ago Bernadette was just like me. She was growing her email list and sending out content and now, she’s made it.’

But, those are all external comparisons. And the fact is, all of us need to be driven and we need to find what our own breakthroughs are. It’s not really about what’s happening on the outside, it’s where you are internally in relation to your business.

So, it might sound like a convoluted answer to the question, but the truth is, to me there isn’t any breakthrough point, it’s a series of breakthroughs. And the way to make sure that you’re having a series of breakthroughs is to just compare yourself to your own standards.

The question to ask every day is, am I making progress based on where I was yesterday, or last week, or a month ago, and to realise in life, it may seem like you’re not making progress.

Maybe your sales have plateaued or, business might have plateaued, or sales may have even gone down for a period.  Yet, internally you might be going through tremendous growth, and shifts in beliefs or identity, or sense of possibility about what you can do.  In my experience, often when it looks as though things are plateauing on the outside, there’s actually a lot going on in the inside. And then the breakthrough –  the apparent breakthrough that is visible and evident to lots of other people on the outside has actually been building up for months inside.

I personally don’t claim I’ve cracked “the code”.  I’m a work in progress, I’m still learning about life every single day, and long may that continue.