What is comparisonitis? It is when you are comparing yourself or your accomplishments or your achievements to other people and feeling that you are somehow coming up short.

Comparisonitis has the potential to make you downright miserable. In fact, if you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance that it’s already making you miserable. I want to share with you a couple of things that can really, really help.




Don’t Compare Your Middle To Someone Else’s Ending

First of all, I think social media has absolutely made comparisonitis more prevalent. It’s definitely part of the human condition that we compare ourselves to others. These days, in the airbrush Instagram world, it’s very easy to look at other people who seem to have it all and then compare it to what’s going on in your life, and somehow feel rubbish. Now, there is a great saying: you don’t compare your middle to someone else’s ending.

One analogy that I’ve given to my clients is – if you came to the hairdresser when I’m in the middle of getting a haircut, and you took a photograph when I’ve got wet hair, just as the hairdresser is starting to trim the end, it doesn’t look like the finished product. The fact of the matter is, if you’re comparing yourself to other people, what you’re typically seeing is their finished product.

You’re living your life and you’re seeing the reality of your life up close and personal – it’s bound to be that you’re gonna fall short in some way.


The Only Thing that Matters is How You Are Doing Compared to Yesterday

What you need to remember is this, the only thing that matters is how you are doing compared to yesterday. Are you further along? You can measure this in different areas. You can measure if you’re further along in your health, your relationships, or in how much you’re giving, how much of a contribution you’re making – are you further along in your career?

You can also make a decision every morning that you do want to make some progress in each of those areas of your life. That is something that you can control. That is something that you can influence, whereas you can never really control how others are doing alongside you.

If you are suffering from the curse of comparisonitis, it is time to stop putting your attention on what other people are up to. That’s their journey. It’s really got nothing to do with you. Where you need to focus your attention and energy, to have the most impact on your life, is on what’s going on for you.

The only thing to measure or to be concerned about is how you’re doing today versus how you were doing yesterday, because as long as you are making progress – and that might only be like a little inch forward – it’s still progress.

Even though day by day it may just feel like small progress, over the bigger picture, that looks like leaps in the long term..

How am I doing versus yesterday? That’s how you cure comparisonitis.