Email marketing made easy

Are you using email marketing to promote your business?

Have you been disappointed with the results of your email marketing efforts? Have you sent out emails making what you thought was an ‘irresistible offer’ only to left deflated when you don’t get the sales you expected and hoped for? Then I want you to join me right now for this 4 minute masterclass on email marketing! In this episode of BernadetteTV I’m going to give you 4 easy steps to make your email marketing sizzle – so you can get better results from every email you send, starting TODAY! On this episode of BernadetteTV you’ll discover:

  • The two best methods to get your email opened and read
  • The 3 words you MUST AVOID using in your subject lines
  • The biggest mistake people make with email marketing, and how to avoid it (there’s a very good chance you’re already making this mistake and you can change that right away!)


And as always with our TV episodes, you can put this into action right away. So go watch it NOW! Don’t underestimate the difference that email marketing will make to your business.

I can tell you right now that email marketing was the number one driver in how I turned my own little website, selling just one e-book into an online ‘information empire’ that to date has generated millions of dollars online, all while raising my two sons, now aged 5 and 7.

But there are some very common mistakes that I see people making over and over with their email marketing. After you’ve seen this episode, you’ll know exactly what they are and how to avoid them! After you watch this video and put the advice into action, come get a pat on the back! Leave a comment below describing how you took action on this video so we can celebrate that you followed through!