When was the last time you took a full day off from your online business? Where you completely unplugged, and you weren’t using a screen, on social media or doing anything else that’s business related?

One of the challenges online business owners face, is the need for constant connection, the always being plugged into everything.  When you’re frazzled and frantic, and constantly ‘plugged-in’ it’s difficult to make conscious decisions.   Yet, as an online entrepreneur, your success comes down to the daily decisions you make.  

If you've got all these different distractions coming at you from all different angles.   How can you possibly make a good decision in that environment?


the power of 'unplugging'

Give me one day, and I’ll give you three in return.  Give me a week and I’ll give you eight weeks back.  Sounds like a good deal, right?  Well, that’s exactly how unplugging works for you and your business.  

When you take one whole day to totally unplug - that means, getting off all screens, no social media, no doing anything business related,  you’ll get the equivalent of several days’ worth of what I call “reboots”.

If you take a full week off, you’ll get rejuvenated for about eight weeks after that.

By ‘unplugging’ for periods of time, you’re able to put more energy back into your business, allowing you to make better decisions – as a result your business grows.  

Grow Your Business Without Being There 24/7

I recently heard of a marketing video company who had grown from a basement into a successful enterprise.  The owner of the business was tired and feeling fed up.   He’d grown his business from a basement to the success it is now, and he stood in his office and thought, “How do I grow this business further?  What next?”

So, what he did was hire an RV and he drove around America. He left his team in charge of his company while he ‘unplugged’.  His profits went up 20% because he was giving himself the energy and space to get creative.   He’d be sitting there driving along, and he’d come up with great ideas. He would jot his ideas down on a pad.  Then at the end of the day, he would send a list of things to his team, who would execute the plan.

The key to his business growth was his freedom of thought.  He didn’t have the constant distractions of being “plugged-in” all the time.

Take Time To Recharge

The optimum schedule for an entrepreneur would be to look at your year. And for every eight weeks, schedule a week where you completely get out of your business – where you unplug.

Use that time to either go on holiday or stay at home and have a staycation. That is the optimum timeline to make sure you’re continually recharging.  And that recharging inevitably leads to bursts of growth and profit in your business. 

What if you feel you can’t ‘unplug’ from your business for that long?

If you’ve got a business, and you can’t go away, and when you come back, it’s running better than when you left, you don’t have a business, you have a job.   As an online business owner, you want to get to the point that your business can exist without you - where you’re adding value and making a difference and making profits without you having to be there 24/7. 

But even while you’re building your business, where you have to work in the business to start with, make sure you’re taking regular time to step away, unplug and look at what you’re doing from the bigger picture.

By doing that you’re allowing yourself the space you need to be creative and make good decisions that ultimately lead to rapid business growth.