Do you really need a Facebook Group or is a Facebook Page good enough? 

In this video, I’m explaining the key differences between them and how to strategically leverage those differences to get more clients

A question I get asked almost daily is – what’s the difference between a Facebook Group and a Facebook Page, so in this video, I’m going to explain the difference, and more importantly how you can use those differences to achieve your goal of getting more clients.

You can watch it here:

I’m sharing:

-- The 3 circles of customer relationships – what they are, who is in each one, and how they relate to your business.

-- The key differences between the people in your Facebook group versus your page, and what is the best way to use each for the job you need it to do.

-- My huge ah-ha moment that made me realise a Facebook Group is a must-have piece of the business puzzle (if you want to get clients quickly, you’ll see that this insight is a game-changer).

-- Where your personal Facebook profile fits into your client-attracting strategy – plus one important tweak you can make to your profile to connect with more people in your target audience.

-- How quickly you can grow a Facebook Group. This might surprise you when I share what my clients are doing

-- The different types of content I recommend for your Facebook Page versus your Facebook Group and how to strategically use both to expand your pool of prospective clients.

To be transparent, I resisted starting a Facebook Group for a while because I thought it wouldn’t add much to my business or suit my style of working.

But now it plays a huge part in my business and it’s the #1 strategy I recommend to all my clients.

If you’re resisting having a Facebook Group too, or you’re not sure whether you need one, watch today’s video >>HERE << to get my thoughts.

And if you have any questions, drop a comment below the video and I’ll be happy to answer them.