Where should you draw the line between free vs paid content?

Many business owners get this wrong so I’m sharing my powerful 2-step free content strategy for attracting more clients

At some point you’ve probably been told that creating free content – whether it’s written posts, videos, podcasts, webinars, or even resources – is a great way to position yourself and attract new clients.

Maybe it was even me who told you to do that?

It’s good advice, and as you know, I create and give away a ton of free content for my business.

But a question I often get asked off the back of this advice is...

“Where do I draw the line between free and paid content?”

It’s a great question and something I see a lot of people get wrong, so I’m answering it in this video

Here’s what I’m sharing:

-- Why the question ‘where do I draw the line between free and paid content’ is the wrong question, and what you should be asking yourself instead.

-- Why it’s vital you understand that giving away free content is a TWO-step strategy, and what those two steps are (hint – the second step is rarely visible to the casual observer, but it’s the step you must have in place for this strategy to work).

-- The strategic approach you need to adopt if you don’t want to waste a ton of time and energy and inadvertently set yourself up for missed opportunities with your free content.

-- A peek behind the curtain at a detailed example of how I use this 2-step free content strategy to get people who are interested in what I teach to raise their hands and THEN become paying clients – you can model this in your own business.

Whether you’re already using free content in your business, and it’s not bringing in the results you want, or whether you’re just getting started with sharing free content, this video because it’s going to give you the nuts and bolts of HOW to solve that free versus paid content dilemma, and help you get better results from your efforts.