There are people in the world who need what you have to offer. You don't have to suffer to either find or help them. You have expertise that comes so easily to you that you don't even recognize that other people have a problem with it.

Now this is where the gold is. This is where you can make the biggest difference.  This is where you get clients knocking on your door for what you’re offering.

If You’ve Been Struggling to Get Clients

I truly believe that our talents and passions have been given to us to meet a corresponding need somewhere in the world.

So even if up until now, you’re struggling to get clients and it seems like people aren't interested in what you're offering, please know, it's not because you don't have something valuable to offer.

It's more likely that you've been focusing your marketing efforts on the wrong thing.

When I started out in business, I wanted to provide sales training for big companies. I was motivated and determined, and I thought that was going to be enough to get clients in the door…. but I quickly discovered that motivation and determination weren't enough.

In a competitive market, I was getting knocked back. I was told things like, "Send information," "Call in a few months," or, "We're already covered, thanks."

The problem was, this business of mine, was my sole source of income. I had no choice but to make it work. And I needed to make it work fast.

I recognized I already had a very unique area of expertise that some of my friends and colleagues had already been asking me to share with them.

The trouble was, it was so obvious to me, that I'd been overlooking it.

I realized that a number of my friends and colleagues were already asking me to help them with their phone selling. It was a real light bulb moment.

I stopped trying to sell to strangers, and I quickly put together a program to provide phone skills training. I offered it to the people who were already asking for my help, plus some friends of friends, and bingo.  This was the key to my first paying client.  The key to discovering the best way to get clients.

It happened within days. That's what's possible for you when you focus on what you already have that people already want.


There's a very good chance that you already have something unique that clients want and value.

But you haven't been emphasizing that enough in your conversations with potential clients.

When you take the time to identify what you've got that people already want, you're well on your way to becoming a client magnet. 

Get Clients by taking action

So, here's an action step you can take right now to start getting new clients. 

Sit down and answer these  12 questions...

  1. Who do you feel most called to serve?
  2. Is there a group of people that you feel passionate about helping?
  3. Who have you already helped?
  4. Even if you aren't in business yet, you may already have helped colleagues, relatives, or friends. What payoff do people get from your expertise?
  5. What are the results you've helped people achieve?
  6. Who is your biggest success story?   These don't necessarily need to be paying clients. They could be colleagues, relatives, or friends that you've helped.
  7. How specifically did you help them?
  8. What do they have in common?
  9. What common problems, goals, needs, wants, or desires did they share?
  10. Who keeps showing up?
  11. Who are the types of people you keep running into, either at social events or networking meetings?  For example, I noticed I kept meeting people who were really talented in the area of personal transformation, but they couldn't get clients.
  12. Finally, who most needs what you have to offer?

A powerful exercise to help you get clients

This is a powerful exercise to help you get clients, because it shifts your attention from what you think is important and focuses on those people who need your help.

You can do this. I know sometimes you may think, "Well, what does little old me have to offer the world?" The truth is, you do have something unique and valuable, and there is a group of people out there who need it.

It's just a question of digging deep for the answers. While you may be lucky and find that the answers to these questions are something that comes to you with a blinding clarity. You should also feel comfortable if it's something that emerges over time.   My personal experience is this exercise is more like a silhouette of a building emerging through fog, than a neat box takes in process.

 You might want to spend a couple of days on these questions, allowing thoughts and ideas to mull until the answer is materialized.  

Do that my friend, and you will get clients knocking on your door.   Your dream clients are already waiting for you. It's up to you to step up and claim them.