How are you growing your business?  Are you making steady progress, or do you feel like you’ve reached a plateau?  Does it feel like no matter what you do, it seems like you can’t ‘break through’ to the next level?

Today I’ve got some tips for you on where to focus your time if you’re serious about growing your business.

Growing Your Business With The Right Business Model

The number one reason businesses stay stuck is because the business model is wrong. So, you exchange value today, you get paid today (or hopefully at least this month!), then tomorrow you have to start all over.

I’ve built a multi-million dollar online business, and I’m not sharing that to brag, but because I want to show you HOW I’ve done it.


You see, when I was getting started, I was lucky enough to get this piece of advice:   

Focus on creating a business where you do the work once, and you get paid, paid, paid.

That piece of advice has paid dividends. I stopped trying to sell my time, and started focusing on the things that would get results not just today but tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and beyond.

HOW TO Keep Getting Paid Long After The Work Is Done

In fact, here in 2019 I am 'getting paid’ for work I did as far back as 2009.

There are systems, marketing and products that I created all those years ago that still generate income and profits today. I have people on my list who subscribed because of webinars, talks or other lead generation I did way back then who are paying customers today.

What would happen to YOUR business if you were still getting paid for the work you do today 10 years from now? 

My advice for you today is to focus on doing the things that will generate results, not just today, but YEARS from now.

If you just do that, you will be well on your way to doubling, tripling even quadrupling your income.

“There are systems, marketing and products that I created all those years ago that still generate income and profits today.”

Suggestions For Growing Your Business & TriplING Your Results

  • Create joint venture partnerships
  • Build a list of subscribers and paying customers that you can sell to over and over again 
  • Create an ‘evergreen’ marketing system that automatically converts subscribers into paying clients
  • Package your service and/or expertise into a product or program that can serve customers with little or no time input from you 

Pick one of these and identify one action you can take TODAY to move forward. Go get ‘em!