Home based business ideas

Starting a home based business is a great idea if you’re trying to start a business with limited time and money.

That’s why today’s episode of BernadetteTV we focus on what you CAN do TODAY to get your business off the ground even if you have limited time and money, including several ideas for home based businesses.

‘Is there any way to go from broke to a financially secure business?’ asks Carol on this week’s training video.

The answer is OF COURSE! Every self-made man or woman has faced and overcome this challenge. The key is about getting resourceful with what you DO have.


If you’re struggling in life at the moment and have goals that seem as far away as ever, watch this episode right now as it will uplift you and inspire you with what’s possible when you focus on making the most of what you’ve already got. On this week’s video training you’ll discover:

  • My 6 top tips for making the most of what you’ve already got when starting a business from scratch.
  • Real-life examples of people who faced the exact same challenges that you do – and how they overcame them
  • How to make the most of what you’ve already got as you make your business dream a reality

And best of all, this is practical advice you can put into action TODAY. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with what you’ve already got.

Remember after you’ve watched this video come and share your comments below. We want to hear from YOU.

Bernadette Doyle. When to Close a Business - Episode 1