I’m sure we’ve all had that client from hell, haven’t we?

The one where your stomach sinks when you see a notification pop up on your phone that they’ve just emailed you.

Or the client who keeps asking for ‘just one more thing’ before paying their invoice, by which time the goalposts have been moved so far, you’re on a completely different playing field.

For most of us, working with clients like these happens because of a lack of experience, and a genuine desire to do a great job for them.

Whether they intentionally take advantage of these traits in us or not, the outcome is usually a miserable experience, where nothing you do would be good enough, followed by trying to low-ball you or refusing to pay their invoice altogether.

Thankfully, it’s been about 20 years since I worked with a client like this.

I quickly learned that if I wanted to work with great clients, it was up to me to make it clear who those people are, use a repeatable system to attract them, and have the right boundaries in place to make it a fantastic working relationship.

But what about your situation?

Maybe it’s many years since you worked with a less than ideal client?

Or perhaps you know that you still haven’t got this piece nailed.

If you’re not yet consistently attracting the best clients, I can help you with this in my program, Get Clients, Make Money.

This program will help you play a bigger game, so you can enrol more ideal clients and get paid in real time.

So what makes an ideal client?

I define them as YOUR people...the clients who:

·         Resonate with your message and how you show up

·         Love what you stand for and the work you do

·         Are excited to enrol with you

·         See you as the expert

·         Take action on your advice and therefore get the amazing transformation they desire

·         And happily pay to work with you because they can see the huge value of what that investment in themselves will bring to their life


When you combine the power of having an irresistible money-making offer (with clarity on who you serve, what they need and are willing to pay for, and how to meet that in a way that works for you)

...PLUS  a growing audience of ideal prospects...

...PLUS magnetic messaging that has ideal clients reaching out to work with you...

...PLUS the skills to book more sales calls and confidently close more sales...

Attracting and enrolling more clients becomes a fun and repeatable process, made all the more enjoyable because you’re working with the best clients!

If you like the sound of that, check out the success stories in Get Clients, Make Money > HERE.

And if you’re wondering about that client of mine 20 years ago?

The short version is that she hired me to ‘fix’ her small sales team of two guys (I say that in quotes because I don’t believe people are broken to need ‘fixing’). I quickly realised she ruled that business by fear, so not much selling success was able to flourish under her constant criticism and the blame culture the two guys had to endure day after day, although they did make progress with my coaching.

Lady Tyrant (as I named her in my head) then requested an additional report from me with more recommendations and training notes, outside our original brief, and said she wouldn’t pay my invoice until I had delivered it.

My younger eager-to-please self agreed and it hung over me for weeks. I finally got that report done on the day of my Uncle John’s funeral, meaning I had to leave the funeral early, to have any hope of being paid for the agreed time and expertise I had already delivered. I put getting paid ahead of what mattered and no amount of money will ever buy back those precious few hours I could have spent swapping stories and reliving memories of my Uncle instead of writing her report, which makes me cry to this day.

She never did pay that invoice of course.

And I learned a very valuable lesson, which is why I’d love to help YOU work with the best clients in my program.