If there was one thing that I really wish I could do for my clients, it would be to protect them from the emotional disappointment that can go along with running any business. Let’s face it, it’s not just about online business either.

In my 20 years plus of being in business, it appears to me that there is a skill which is quite important to develop – and that’s the skill of emotional resilience. I’m talking about how you handle disappointment in business; how you respond when things don’t go as expected and how you bounce back from that.



I would like to think that this is a skill I’ve developed over the years.   Today, I can trust myself to handle the setbacks and disappointments that I may encounter in my business. I can see now, how quickly I’m able to recover compared to my early disappointments that I had in my very first year of business. It was a time when I had invested a whole lot of time and money and energy and heart into a project that didn’t work out.

I can remember the crushing feeling of disappointment when it didn’t turn out and, honestly, it sat me back for days or even weeks before I’d really, fully bounced back from that.


Keep your expectations in check

So one of the things to do to bounce back from disappointment is to just keep your expectations in check in the first place. When I’ve observed people being really disappointed, it’s because they’re working on a project or a product launch or a new business and they’re pinning everything on it.

When they pin so much on that one thing to be a huge success, they’re attaching a whole heap of meaning to what they are trying to achieve, which is much more than, “I’m bringing this product to market.” It becomes more like …

 “This would be the thing that finally proves to all the people around me that I can be successful.”

“This would be the thing that makes up for all those past disappointments.”

“This will finally be the thing or the one that makes better all of the setbacks I’ve had previously”

If you’re pinning those kind of hopes on the outcome of a project, do you see how you’re actually emotionally investing in a way that isn’t very helpful to you?


Sometimes things just don’t go to plan

I will say, in all my years of being online and marketing, that just about everything we do is a test. And so I really don’t bank on anything. There’s certain things that I know I could do with certainty, but sometimes things don’t always go to plan. The marketplace and influx is constantly changing. I don’t think there’s anybody in business who would say that they have all of the answers, you know, and I mastermind with a lot of successful business people.


What you need to do for yourself to bounce back

Maybe you need to take time out, maybe you need to go and share and be heard by people who really believe in you. This is one of the reasons I think it’s important to be in a community or in a mastermind because the other people in that community can be your believing eyes when you doubt yourself. Probably one of the nicest compliments I’ve ever received from clients is when they say, “Thank you Bernadette, because you believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself.”

So make sure that you’re staying connected, that you’re in a community of people who will support you and love you and raise you back up and steer you clear. And what about those people we have in our life – those people that will say, “I told you so. Well, what did you expect? I said all along that wasn’t gonna work.” Well, you don’t need to deal with that when you are licking your wounds and recovering from disappointment.

I hope that this has helped you. There is no quick answer, but I hope if you can relate to this article or you’ve experienced a disappointment, that it has offered you something. And I’d love to hear more from you. Please share your comments in the chat below. Tell me your tips for bouncing back from disappointment in business, or if you’ve encountered disappointment, share here, we’d love to know more.