Think about it, every successful business has paying clients and customers. Every business needs to have a system to find paying clients.   One of the things that sabotages people, especially when they’re starting a small business, is they’re very much focused on what they want to deliver through their business.   They haven’t always answered the question, who is going to pay for this?

In this article, I want to get you super focused on who your paying clients are.



To Find Paying Clients, You Need To Know They Are

Who are the people that are going to hand over money for what you’re offering? This is really about matching up what you have to offer – your unique contribution, gift, expertise.  And then taking that and matching it up with a group of people who really need it, want it, and are willing to pay for it.

I want to start by reminding you that you already have some type of gift.  You have some type of talent or some area of expertise that corresponds to the needs of a group of people somewhere in the world. I totally believe that. And it’s important for you to believe that. A lot of people sabotage themselves by saying, “Well, who am I and what’s special about me and what is it that little, old me has to offer?”  Frankly, you don’t have the luxury of that kind of thinking. 


To Get Paying Clients You Need To Have Something of Value To Offer

You need to start with the expectation and the assumption that you have something that is valuable somewhere.

How can I be so certain about that for you? Because I believe it’s true for every single person on the planet. I believe each of us has unique gifts, unique talents that weren’t given to us randomly. We have these gifts and talents because other people in the world need them. This is where our unique contribution is to be made.

There’s a fantastic quote by an author called Frederick Buechner who says, “Your vocation is where your passion meets the world’s great hunger,” and I totally believe in the wisdom and the ecology of that.

The things that you are drawn to do, the things that you’re most called to do, do match up, but the point is we need to find that point of alignment.



Six Questions to Help You Find Your Point of Alignment

Find paying clients by finding your point of alignment.   Finding your point of alignment is not something where you say, “Well, what do I love to do?” You must shift your focus. Your focus has to shift away from YOU and what you want and onto who the people that most need your help.

Here are six questions that will help you identify your most likely paying clients and customers:

  • Who most needs what I have to offer?
  • Who do I feel most called to serve?
  • What payoff do people get from my expertise?
  • Who have I already helped and how have I helped them? (Remember, even if you aren’t in business yet, you may have already helped friends, colleagues, family, etc.)
  • What do they have in common?
  • What common goals, needs, wants, or desires do they share?

These may seem like six simple questions.  But do not underestimate the power of this exercise.   As you start to go through these questions, something very powerful happens…

Your focus starts to shift away from you and what you believe is important.  Your focus shifts onto the needs, wants and desires of the people you are most called to serve AND that will make a huge difference.

One final thought about expectation as you do this exercise – the answer might come to you with blinding clarity, but don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t. In my experience, any time I’ve done this exercise, the answer always appears to me more as a silhouette emerging through fog than a blinding flash of clarity. Don’t put pressure on yourself by having an expectation about how the answer is going to come.

That is the exercise for today. I would love it if you would take on board those six questions.   Please give me feedback on how these have impacted you. You can do that in the comments below, and I look forward to seeing you on an upcoming video.