How to find your niche

Finding your market niche is a crucial first step if you are serious about having a successful business.

If you try to be all things to everyone, you end being nothing special to anyone.

But many people struggle to find their market niche. You might be worried that if you make your market niche too narrow, you’ll miss out on opportunities. The good news is, there IS a way to find that ‘sweet spot’ where your unique gifts match up with what the market needs and wants.


The Key To Discovering Your Market Niche

Let’s face it. Someone, somewhere has woken up this morning struggling with a problem YOU can solve. And yet they have no idea you exist. We need to change that. That’s why in this video training you’ll discover:

  • 6 questions to help you get clarity on your ideal market niche TODAY
  • How I accidentally stumbled upon a lucrative market niche – by being pragmatic
  • How to identify those people who are already looking for the help that YOU can provide

And as always, this is practical advice you can put into action TODAY. Watch this right away to get some real clarity.

I’m on a mission to help you get what YOU can get what you have to offer out there in the world and share it with the people who badly need it. This video is a great first step, so watch it NOW

I’m sure you will have questions and comments about this, so after you’ve watched this video, let’s continue the conversation below – leave a reply. I want to hear from YOU.

Bernadette Doyle. How to find your niche