How To Get Clients When You Have No Track Record

It’s a catch 22 and it’s sooooooo frustrating!

You’ve just started out, you want new clients, but you don’t have a track record yet.

The marketing gurus say you need ‘proof’ and testimonials to get clients, but you can’t get them UNTIL you have clients, and you can’t get clients with out them.

So what’s the secret? How are you supposed to get the case studies, testimonials and success stories you need to market yourself, when you don’t even have enough clients yet?



This is probably one of the questions I am asked most often, which is why I’ve devoted this week’s video training to this very subject. Anne-Marie wrote and asked ‘I don’t feel I can claim expertise when I don’t have a track record. How can I get clients in this situation?’

It might help to remind you that EVERYONE starts out in the same situation – yep even those ‘gurus’ you put on a pedestal, so while this is a challenge, it’s certainly not impossible.

It’s up to YOU to rise to this challenge and overcome it – and I’ve got just what you need to help you do it.

In this week’s video, I share:

  • The TRUTH about ‘expert status’ and why you need to stop waiting for permission!
  • The specific things I did to overcome a lack of ‘success stories’ when I was starting out. (it’s easier than you think)
  • The biggest mistake that people make when starting out in business (you want to avoid this at ALL costs!)
  • What you must do TODAY if you want clients but don’t have a track record or client testimonials yet.

Make sure to watch it right away.

P.S Watch til the end to see the ‘panto season’ joke!