Perceived wisdom in the online world is that you must have a lead magnet in order to get people who are interested in what you do to raise their hands. And from there you can go on to build your audience and list of people, some of whom will then become paying clients. In this video I answer the question "How to get Coaching Clients without a Lead Magnet?"

How to get coaching clients WITHOUT a lead magnet: 

I’m giving you my most current strategies, including:

-- Why the first thing I used to ask my clients to do was to create a lead magnet, and why I changed my mind and now have them use a different strategy instead.

-- My favourite spot online where your ideal clients are already hanging out, so you can connect with them and start to build your audience.

-- The two “V’s” you have to be, for ideal clients to notice you and start to see you as the solution to their problem.

-- The mistake I see other people making when they attempt this, and how to avoid it (making this mistake is the fastest way to ruin your reputation and put people’s backs up).

-- Why this simple process is so much faster to get your first paying clients than creating a lead magnet, needing a complicated sales funnel, or having to use paid ads.

In full transparency, I do recommend you create a lead magnet later on in your business because they are a great tool, especially when it comes to scaling.

However, if you’re thinking ‘I need clients now!’ then watch this video for my best strategy on how to make this happen.

To inspire you, two of my clients who used this strategy enrolled a £10k client and a £1k client respectively – one within a week and the other within a couple of weeks. What I’m sharing in today’s video is the exact strategy I now have all my clients follow because it gets paying clients fast.

Watch it HERE, and if you have any questions about it feel free to drop them in the comments underneath and I’ll happily answer them.