How to Get More Coaching Clients. If you want to get more coaching clients, then you must focus on sales. This is the way to get coaching clients fast. This will help you get high-ticket coaching clients, get paying coaching clients and get clients online. 

If you want to enrol more clients you have to focus on sales. And if that scares you, let me share that it used to scare me too! But in today’s video, I’m giving you my simple steps to help you learn to love selling....

Back when I was 18 I had my first ever salesperson position...and to say I was rotten at sales is the understatement of the century!

You might be surprised when you find out what I was actually selling.  

It’s all in this video

I had doubts and beliefs that could have stopped me in my tracks...but I got over them, and now I LOVE selling and teaching my audience and students how to sell successfully too.

So here’s what I’m sharing with you in this video:

  • Why the ‘make sales while you’re sleeping’ mantra that’s so prevalent in the coaching and consulting world is NOT doing you any favours (in fact, it’s reducing your chances of success)
  • The 3 big reasons why more money isn’t flowing into your business right now – I see these all the time when students start working with me. The good news is that once you know what they are you can put it right.

  • The first place to focus on if you don’t have enough cash coming into your business, to get quick wins and build a solid habit of making more sales

Today, billions of dollars/pounds will be paid in exchange for services and products. And there is no reason why more of it can’t come your way for your offers.

The only thing stopping it from happening is that you haven’t...yet...learned how to focus on and embrace the selling process.

It’s much simpler than you think. Watch it here.