How to get new clients with expert positioning.

Are you worried about being seen as an ‘univited pest’ when reaching out to potential customers? How would you like to be treated as a welcome guest instead?

In fact can you imagine having potential clients call YOU and say ‘We know this is your area of expertise, and we need your help now, how soon can you start?’

Sounds too good to be true? I assure you it’s possible.



In fact, it’s easy when you make this small, but significant, shift in your marketing – and that’s to set you up as the expert so instead of YOU doing the chasing, your ideal clients are calling you.

And in this week’s video training, I show you how!

It’s easier than you think to claim expert status and have prospective clients calling YOU.

I did this myself in a matter of months when I first started out in business, and in this week’s episode of BernadetteTV, I show you:

  • How to turn a ‘buyer’s market’ into a ‘seller’s market’
  • How to REDUCE the time you spend selling and marketing, because your clients KNOW that you have the expertise and are ‘presold’ on hiring you
  • What the Wizard of Oz can teach you about getting know as THE expert in your field

There’s no room for false modesty when it comes to selling yourself in business. Stop waiting to be DISCOVERED and take matters into your own hands.

If you’re shy about owning your expertise, or trying to stretch yourself too thin on lots of different projects, people aren’t going to take you seriously. But the moment you step up and claim YOUR unique area of expertise, the world will start beating a path to your door.

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