Even if you know how to attract clients, working your plan consistently is where many people fall down. In this video, I’m sharing my 4-point plan and what might stop you from taking action so you know how to stay on track.

I’m doing something a little bit different in this video.

This is a peek into a conversation I had about the main challenges my students face when it comes to implementing the client attraction plan they have when they work with me.

Plus how I help them to stick to the plan so they get results.

You can watch it here: How to get out of your own way and work the plan (to attract more clients and make more money)

You might think this doesn’t apply to you but if you have any sort of client-attracting plan (which I’m betting you do, even if it’s pretty ad-hoc) then you’ll get value out of this video.

  • Firstly, I’m summarising the simple 4-step plan to getting more clients and making more money in your business. Use this as your high-level guide; it’s what my students have been using with great success for many years.
  • Secondly, I’m sharing the key reasons that can stop you from working your plan. Once you can pinpoint these, you’ll understand where you might need more support, information, accountability, or if you need to upskill.
  • Finally, I talk about the best way to take action (even if resistance is coming up) and track your actions, so you create momentum and confidence. This is what will help you get faster results.

The tips I’m sharing in this video are the basis of the work I do with my students. To put it into context, in a group of 6 who started working with me recently, all of them had made at least one sale within the first 30 days.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel or make life more complicated than it needs to be.

Watch the video and I think you’ll be surprised at the simplicity of my client-attraction plan.

A lot of my students are delighted by how much they can take off their to-do list. The secret is to know what to focus on, and how to action your plan.