This week I’m sharing with you, a really cool four-step formula to help you make irresistible offers online.


Why is it important to know how to make irresistible offers?

Because you gotta sell more stuff online, and who doesn’t want to do that? Of course, if you’ve created something that you’re really proud of, something that you know makes a difference, then it’s not just about making more money. You probably want to make sure that you’re impacting as many people as possible. This simple formula will help you do that as well.

I like to keep things really super simple for you – it’s a simple four-step formula and it works! If you keep this in mind, as you’re making your offer, whether you’re making a one-to-one sale or you’re selling from a webinar or you’re selling from a sale’s page or a video, then you will not go wrong. Use the formula and you will make more sales…


4 step formula for creating an irresistible online offer

#1 “Here’s what I’ve got.”It sounds obvious, but it’s incredible how many people are making offers online without actually just succinctly saying, “This is what I’ve got.”  That’s the first step!

#2 “Here’s what it will do for you.” … We’ve all heard about the radio station “WII-FM (What’s In It-For Me).” You need to quickly communicate to your target customer. “Okay, this is how this is gonna help you. It’s gonna solve this problem. It’s gonna help you to achieve this goal that you have.” So be specific and show them exactly what it would do for them.



#3 Show them what and how they will use it. … The next part of making your irresistible offer is to go into explaining how it works. And it doesn’t have to be a long-winded explanation, it can just be a couple of sentences or two, really emphasizing how easy it is for them to access or get results using what you’re offering.

#4 “Here’s what to do now.” This is the final step and this is the most important step so don’t forget this one! You want to have a super, super clear call-to-action. If you’re selling from a web page, tell them to click the button, maybe even show them an image of what your order page looks like. Don’t assume anything. Don’t take it for granted. In some of my sales pages, we’ve actually shown people an image of where they need to input their credit card, and we’ve included a video showing a person imputing their credit card to make it super, super easy. Show them exactly what to do next.

When you put those four simple steps together, you’re bound to make more sales with your irresistible offers. I now invite you to leave me a comment in the box below – that’s my “what to do next,” and tell me how this article has helped you or what new ideas you’ve got from it. I’d love to get your feedback.

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