How To Position Yourself as a Problem Solver

If you are a coach, consultant, or any other service provider, you may truly believe you’re selling your expertise. If you often leave a sales meeting without making a sale, though, your marketing mix may need an overhaul – so that it positions you correctly: as a problem-solver. When it does, you’ll really start getting the sales!

Here’s the thing: People are not buying coaching. They’re not buying consulting. They’re not buying training … or any of the services you believe you’re selling.

You’re selling solutions. You’re selling results.

So what ARE they buying?

They’re buying a solution.

They have a problem they want to solve or a goal they want to accomplish.

They’ve looked at the situation and determined that the cost of acquiring this solution is worth it.

So when they come to you, they’re seeking that solution (not, as you may believe, services such as consulting, coaching, or training). Therefore, you (as an individual) are not as important as the solution you offer.

Your marketing mix, then, must present you as a solution, or as a problem-solver.

If it doesn’t, your prospective clients aren’t going to be knocking down your door. Instead, they’ll feel apathetic about your offerings.

So what can you do to ensure your marketing does, in fact, position you as a problem solver?

Be the problem solver – your action plan

Here is a 3-step Action Plan:

      1. Brainstorm. Think about the conversations you’ve recently had with your clients or prospective clients. Have they mentioned the same issues or problems time and time again? What are they?
      Ask yourself what tools you have in your repertoire. Are you overlooking any tools, skills, or knowledge that may provide a solution to your prospective clients’ biggest problems?
      Think about packaging. How can you take what you have and package it, clearly, as a solution to your clients’ problems?

Now, I’d love to hear from you: Does your marketing present you as a problem solver? Any ideas what you could do differently? Leave a comment below.

[spoiler]Today, on Bernadette TV, “How to position yourself as a problem solver.” Hello, and welcome to Bernadette TV,

online TV to help you be the best you can be in your business and your life. And today, we have a very special

episode for you if you’re a coach, consultant, trainer, or any other service provider where you’re selling your

expertise, because I’m going to be talking to you today about how to position yourself as a problem solver. You

see, people and companies are buying consultancy. They’re not buying coaching, and they’re not buying training.

And if you think they’re buying any of those things, you’re making a mistake, because what they’re actually

doing, when they’re investing or signing up or signing a purchase order, is they’re buying solutions. There is a

problem they want to solve. There is a goal that they want to accomplish. They’ve looked at the situation in such

a way that they have determined that the cost of acquiring this particular solution is worth it;. They’re making

a cost benefit analysis. They’ve made the decision, based on all that they’ve seen so far, that this particular

solution is the best way of accomplishing the goal that they have or the problem they want to solve. So you need

to get really clear that you’re not selling coaching or consultancy or training or whatever it is that you think

that you do. You’re selling solutions. You’re selling results. And you need to understand that the problem you’re

solving is more important than you are, because people buy not because they understand who you are, but because

they feel understood. So if the world hasn’t been beating a path to your door, or you’ve been encountering apathy

or kind of a “so what” response, that’s really telling that you need to repackage how you present yourself and

position yourself according to the solutions that you provide. So I have an action plan for you to help you do

this. This is your “be the problem solver” action plan. So, first I want you to do some brainstorming. I want you

to think about conversations you’ve had recently with prospective clients and think about what is the biggest

issue or problem that you hear them complaining about over and over and over. What are the same themes or issues

that are coming up time and time again? Then you need to ask yourself: What do you have in your repertoire that

can help them with this problem? There’s a very good chance that there are things that you know or solutions that

you have that you’ve been overlooking or undervaluing. For example, when I started Client Magnets, I started to

realize that lots of people were asking me specifically for help with filling events and workshops. Now, I just

happen to have quite a bit of experience in this area, and yet it never occurred to me, up until that point, to

offer the solution of getting your workshop room full. So finally, think about how you can take what you have

that solves the biggest problem that they have and how can you put it together in such a way, or how can you

repackage it so you’re making it really clear that you solve that problem? So now it’s over to you. Go ahead and

put that into action right now, and I want to hear how you get on with it. So come and leave a message on my blog

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