Behind The Scenes With Bernadette  – How To Run A Video Blog For Your Business

Have you ever thought about creating a video blog for your business?   This week’s video training is very special.  I’m taking you behind the scenes to give you an idea of how YOU can incorporate video and content creation into your marketing mix, and to answer the question, “What does it take to produce a video blog?

We’re going behind the scenes and I’m sharing some of my best tips and tricks for using video marketing effectively. That’s right – I’m pulling back the wizard’s curtain! (In fact, you’ll see that I don’t even have shoes on. You get to see my bare feet!)

If you’ve ever watched my videos online, you’ve probably noticed the orange brick background. In this week’s episode, I’m taking you there, and explaining why I chose it.

I work closely with my video producer Aislinn, and you’ll get to meet her as well!



How we produce videos for youtube

Aislinn and I head to the studio every 4-6 weeks, and we film as many as 6 episodes in a day. I’m a BIG fan of batching. I used to produce articles regularly, and I did something I highly recommend: batch that content creation. Take a half-day or a full day every couple of months and just get it all done.

That way, you have a chance to get your rhythm and momentum, without all the starting and stopping that often occurs when you sit down to create one piece of content at a time.

It would have been impossible for us to create 52 videos this past year if we were to film, edit, and upload videos each and every week.

You’ll also meet my stylist, Robyn, who makes me look glamorous! Each time we meet for filming, she does my hair and makeup. Again, batching comes into play here because she does hair and makeup just one time for up to 6 episodes.

You’ve probably noticed I wear different outfits in each episode – I’m showing you my dressing area, too, where I keep the different outfits I bring to each filming session.


Content Marketing Ideas: What to talk about?

Plus, I’m taking this opportunity to answer one of the questions I hear frequently about content creation – whether it’s about creating videos, articles, audios, or podcasts: How do you know what you’ll talk about, or that you’ll have enough topics to cover?

Often, I work on the questions I receive.

You see, I’ve been teaching marketing and business growth for years and some questions come up over and over – questions about getting new clients, refund requests, mindset, confidence… so I select some of the questions I’ve received most often and create episodes based on them.

Finally, Aislinn and I cover some of the things we’ve learned over the past year. It seems like yesterday we started this online TV series, but we’ve learned so much, and we couldn’t wait to share with you!

For example, we quickly realized the auto cue (the machine that sits behind the camera and shows me my script) didn’t bring across my personality. When we first began filming, I’d script each episode and read the script off the auto-cue. But I sound a lot more natural when we point the camera at me and I talk to Aislinn, one-to-one, about topics I’m interested in or passionate about.

Once we’ve finished filming  (with 2 cameras!), Aislinn backs up all the film, then edits for mistakes, and stops and starts. (By the way, I’ve heard from viewers who say, “It seems like you never make a mistake,” but rest assured that I do! I make tons of mistakes all the time! When you see the final product, Aislinn has already edited those out, In fact, I’m sharing a clip that proves it!) Although the videos average about 5 minutes in length, Aislinn says the editing process takes a good couple of hours.

Aislinn then sends a script over to our graphics department, and they send back the graphics and animations we need. Aislinn overlays them, colors them, creates the intros and extros, and a few other details, and sends it over to our tech person, who uploads the completed episode!


I’d love to hear from you – have you tried content marketing? Share some of your successes and best tips here.