Why is it so important to know your customer?

This is actually where good marketing begins – it doesn’t begin with putting up a website or creating an advert.  Good marketing actually begins with really understanding what your ideal customer truly wants. It’s about being able to understand their wants, their fears, their hopes, their desires almost better than they know themselves.

I love this quote from Jay Abraham who said, ”Most businesses make a mistake – they are falling in love with their products and their business but they really need to fall in love with their customers.” 



Knowing Your Customer is the Secret to Creating Incredible Offers that Sell

I want to encourage you to know your customer so well, that you actually know them better than they ultimately know themselves. That is going to be the secret to you creating incredible offers and products and services that just elicit an incredible response from your target audience.  People will just go “Wow! I want that”

What many online marketers fail to realize is that knowing your customer and creating offers that they actually want is more than 80% of the game when it comes to marketing. There is no amount of clever promotion or clever copy writing or clever sales tactics that can create ‘want’ in customers.  The fundamental ‘want’ has to be there in order for you to sell to your audience and that starts with you really knowing your customer.

How Do You Understand Your Customers?

The next question now that you understand WHY it’s so important, is how do you understand your customers?   Well, there’s two main ways to do it.

You can do it with your head OR you can do it with your heart – you can probably guess which one I prefer.

So, the “head” way is where you do lots of formal surveys and research on your target audience.   For many small businesses starting out, the investment required in doing formal surveys is probably going to be a little bit out of reach, so I like to think of a better way – and I think there is no substitute for just having conversations.

This is when you actually sit down with your ideal customers and tune in, listening with your heart to what people are telling you are their biggest challenges. You just can’t beat a one-to-one conversation either in person or over the phone to really uncover what it is that your ideal clients really, really want.


Now anytime I give people this exercise I have people say, “Oh, I’ve got some resistance and it’s scary and I’m a bit nervous” – yet every person who actually pushes through and does this exercise tells me just how powerful it is.

I really want to encourage you this week to go and have some conversations with people who represent your ideal clients.  Spend the time to really get to know them.  Focus on understanding them.  Nothing more.

Don’t try to persuade them about your offering.  Don’t try to tell them how great what you have to offer is.  Take the pressure off and during this conversation exercise put your focus on getting to know them. I promise you, this is going to pay off for you in spades!

So that’s my challenge to you, do it right now – go and set-up to speak with 5-10 people who represent your idea client, then come back and let me know how you got on. I can’t wait to hear your feedback.