Looking for Lead Magnet Ideas for coaches and want how to create a lead magnet? I'll show you a lead magnet example I use in my business.

If you’re a coach looking for lead magnet ideas, you will love this video:

Lead Magnet Ideas for Coaches:

You don’t necessarily need to have a lead magnet for your coaching business to attract new clients, but sooner or later it does make sense to have one because it helps you to identify the people who are most interested in what you’ve got to offer, so you can add valued and then focus your follow up on those people.

Here’s what I’m sharing in this video:

-- The number one thing you want your lead magnet to address, and why this is so irresistible to your ideal prospects.

-- What to include in your lead magnet and what NOT to include (getting this wrong is a mistake I see a lot of coaches make, and it’s a sure-fire way to negatively impact your results.)

-- The 8-step checklist I use with my clients to ensure their lead magnets are perfectly suited to attract the right coaching clients.

-- My fill-in-the-blank question you need to ask yourself which makes it super easy to create a lead magnet that your audience will beat a path to your door to snap up.

-- My favourite format for lead magnets – I’ve tested this and there’s a hands-down winner.

-- What to include in your lead magnet to start the conversion process and to seed the sale for later down the line, in a way that adds massive value to your prospect.

-- What your clients will happily pay you for once they’ve consumed your lead magnet.

The right kind of lead magnet will help you attract your ideal clients and start to grow an email list of people that you can nurture, create relationships with, and ultimately sell your offers and services to.

Remember, your next paying client is already out there, looking for what you offer.

And your lead magnet is the perfect way to attract their attention and start the relationship off on the right foot.

Watch this video for my top tips on HOW to create a compelling lead magnet.

And then let me know in the comments if you have any questions – I read them all and I’m happy to answer them!