I’m sharing the exact way I generated $55,800 in my Facebook group in just 2 days, and how YOU can make money from Facebook groups too. It’s a simple and fast way to make sales so be sure to watch.

Facebook groups are the perfect way to gather your ideal audience, deliver a ton of value to the members...and make sales.

In this video I’m sharing the exact way I generated $55,800 in my Facebook group in just 2 days, and how YOU can get started making sales through Facebook groups too. 

Make Money with Facebook Groups

Watch it here:

Whether you’re just considering building a Facebook group, or you already have one, watch this video to see HOW Facebook groups can become an important part of your sales-generating pipeline, including:

-- The first thing you must have in place (you’d be surprised how many business owners don’t have this dialled in and then wonder why they’re not making any money).

-- How to use simple Facebook Lives to generate leads for your offer.

-- What your content needs to have in order to get your audience excited to show up and watch the Live (and how to make it authentically valuable to them so they have a ‘wow’ experience from you).

-- The hidden bonus of doing a deep dive Live, to prime and pre-frame your audience to happily take the next step.

-- My secret sauce to getting people to show up to the Live, and raise their hands for me to follow up with them.

-- How a Facebook Live can continue to bring you hot new sales enquiries long after the Live is over.

What I’m sharing in this video is so much easier and simpler than wrestling with complicated sales funnels, trying to fill a webinar and doing a traditional launch, and it can get results fast, as I’m showing you.

Let me know your ah-ha moments, and how soon you’ll implement this powerful strategy to make sales. (How about this week?!)