Are you using bonuses as part of your online marketing strategy? Bonuses used correctly will absolutely help you increase your online sales, BUT if you use them in the wrong way, they can actually do more harm than good.


Bonuses give online buyers a reason to ACT NOW

A great bonus can really give people a reason to act now and can really nudge your prospects from in a state of desire to actual buyer. So it’s worth your while taking some time to figure out some super attractive bonuses that will help to nudge your almost buyer into definite buyer – a bonus that will take them from interested to invested. Here’s how you can do this…


  1. Create a standalone super attractive bonus

Often, you will find that out of your cool offering, your cool product or service that you’re offering online, there is an element  you can pull out that can be turned into a standalone super-attractive bonus.

Let me give you an example. One of my first online products was a product called “How To Attract Corporate Clients”. When I was putting this product together, I actually hired a consultant to help me. The reason I did that was because I had so much in my brain that I really needed someone to help me map it out into a specific product.

One of the things I wanted to include was examples of training proposals; business proposals that I had written that had helped me to win corporate contracts. Some of them were quite big contracts like over £50,000 which is about US $80,000. So I planned to include that as content in my product offer.

The person I was working with pointed out to me, “Bernadette,that would make a really great bonus. If you just include it in the program, people won’t necessarily see it and use it, but when you actually have it stand alone, it’s like you’ll put a spotlight on it and make it shine.”

So that’s what I did. Now I’m sure you’ve had instances where you’ve said “yes” to an opportunity just to get the bonus, and that’s the power of a really, really great bonus.


  1. Identify the top three objections and create a bonus that addresses the objection

Another way that you can come up with great bonuses that will help you to close more sales, is to identify the top three objections that someone has before purchasing your products and service and create a bonus that addresses the objection.

So for example, let’s say the top objections that you get when you’re making your offer is money or time, and let’s say there’s another objection like ‘my spouse doesn’t want me to do it’. Well, you could create a bonus for each of those things. I’ll show you how …

  • Bonus to address the money objection

You could have a bonus which shows people how they can make money or save money. Create a bonus that will actually justify the entire investment in the program.

  • Bonus to address the time objection

If you have the objection of time coming up in your online marketing, is there something that you could put together? A bonus that helps people to save time, or helps them to free up extra time so they’ll have the time to work the program.

So you get the idea. Think about something that could stand alone, because those are the bonuses that really help to convince a person, “You can do this.” Those bonuses will really assist your sales.


  1. Add a bonus that will help people get results faster

Another cool thing that you can do is to add in bonuses that will help people get results even faster or quicker. It’s one of the reasons that I’ve often used a live event as a bonus.  Because my products and some programs are online I know that when people come and interact with me at a live event, I can give them a lot more input. I can typically help them to get results much faster. That’s another reason that you can use a bonus.


  1. Make your bonus available for a limited time

My final tip for you; my bonus tip, is that you can also make your bonuses time-limited. That’s a way you can encourage people to take action now. So for example, you could say, “Well, this is normally what it is, but if you buy today, or if you buy by this deadline, you’re also gonna get these three bonuses. And this is what they are, and this is the total value of these bonuses, and this is why you should act now.” That’s a great way that you can really use your bonuses tactically to help you get more sales.

So, now it’s time for you to start thinking about what bonuses you could be adding in to your overall offer that would really help to get the sale. Let me know about the bonuses that you’re creating. I would love to hear your comments in the box below.