Every successful business - both online and offline needs a steady flow of clients.  Do you have a system in place that ensures you get more clients when you need them?

Having enough clients regularly buying your product or service is the key to having peace of mind.   The peace of mind that comes with steady, predictable and secure income.  

If you don’t have a way to get more clients on demand, stayed tuned.  I’m about to help you change that. 

The first step is being aware of your business needs and the improvements you can make to get new clients.

The Client Abundance Quiz

Review each of the questions below.  Then use your answers to assess what areas you need to improve in order to get more clients.  

  • Are you relying on luck, or the “spray and pray” marketing method?  Are you simply keeping the bill collectors at bay, while still looking ahead for new clients to present themselves?

  • Do you have fear surrounding your business?  If you find yourself looking backward with regret and forward with apprehension, that’s an indication there are improvements to be made in your systems to get more clients.

  • Are you spending time on social networking, building the perfect website and perfecting your brand?  Yet you're enjoying few (or no) paying clients?

  • Do you seem to be doing the same things as your mentor or other successful business owners, but still not getting the same results?

  • Have you experienced client abundance in the past, but now find rejections and decision times increasing?   Have once-loyal clients stopped buying from you?

  • Do you feel you’re wasting time, spinning wheels, backpedaling with ineffective marketing methods?

  • Are you getting sporadic results - sometimes experiencing phenomenal “on” moments, and other times falling flat in business?

What If You Answered “YES” To Most Questions?

If you answered “yes” to most of the questions outlined above, that’s okay. It's now simply a matter of identifying the missing steps in your marketing plan and systems to get more clients.  

Picture a combination lock.  Unless you turn the dial to each specific number, in the right direction, and in the correct order, it will not unlock.  Much like this combination lock, your business marketing success cannot be unlocked unless you’ve got the right combination for your own unique business. 


get more clients

Fifteen years ago, basic principles worked for attracting an abundance of clients.  Those principles have not changed – not one word, not one letter.

What has changed is the palette from which you can color those efforts.  You might be working in a cyber-world, communicating as never before, but unless you embrace the marketing basics, and learn to creatively apply them, your efforts will fall flat. 

Modern marketing techniques have their place.  After the foundation business elements are in place they can complement and enhance your other marketing efforts in ways that speak to our modern world.  

It is the right combination for your business that will bring a steady stream of clients knocking on your door.   And I know how to discover that combination.  

I’d like to help you get more clients on demand.   Start by joining my "Business Smarts With Heart" where I share great free content that will help you to get more clients.