We don't know how long we are going to be in this crisis - whether it's going to take weeks, months, even several months, we don't know.  But there is one thing we do know for sure.  We ARE going to come out from the other side of this. 

And when we do, I want to ask you this one question …

Are you going to be the person who sat on the sidelines when people needed leadership or are you going to show-up and serve during this time of need?

Who Do You Want to Be? Will You Show-Up and Serve?

No matter what is going on, you get to choose who you want to be.   You get to choose to become that person in every moment, no matter how challenging things become.

Do you want to come out of this crisis, a wiser version of yourself?  A more compassionate version of yourself?   A more confident version of you?   A more courageous version of you?   Do you want to be the YOU that believes in yourself more?  Do you want to know that you took a stand, and chose to lead when other people were going into fear?

In last big economic crisis in 2008, my business doubled during that period, and it doubled because while many people around me were going into fear, while they were contracting, and holding on to things, I had the courage to just keep expanding.  

I’m not saying this to bring focus on myself, but to show you the possibility for yourself during times of uncertainty. 

The Money is Still Flowing

You create your own economy.  In any economy, money is always flowing somewhere.   And if you have the ability to spot where the money is flowing and place your bucket in the flow, then you're going to be able to receive some of the money that's out there.

I've heard people say, people aren't buying right now. Okay, but if people aren't buying where's all the toilet rolls gone? If people aren't buying, why is there no stuff on the supermarket shelves? And you may say, “Oh, no, Bernadette, you don't understand, my situation is different. Because I'm doing massages for people, and no one's coming for massages.”

Well, that may be true. Perhaps your current business model needs to move and adjust.   But, the truth is you still have valuable skills and expertise, know-how and experience that you can use to show up and serve right now.

And you know what, not only can you show up and serve, but you can get paid for it.   

you can get paid to serve in any economy

In any economy you can get paid to serve. 

I had one client last week, show-up, followed my instructions and within the first 48 hours he had made £13,485.  And here's another example. 

Violet, is a single mom of two young children in Denmark.  Violet was fired while she was on maternity leave.  When Violet first came to me, she didn't know what she was going to offer, and just this last week, she shared that her business had already done over $20,000.

Her business is making that money because she's focusing on where she can serve.

I’m sharing these examples with you, because I want you to recognize that you have a choice.   And this is really important when so much of what is going on around us is out of our control.  

These are the times to make sure that we're focusing our attention on the things that we do get to control. 


Since actioning all your “daily doings” things have exploded! Within 4 weeks I’ve made an extra £7,800 with another £25,000 in the pipeline.

I’m fully booked for my live trainings and people are on a waitlist for 2021! I’ve also started offering my certification program. Then there’s all the new demand from people around the world who want to work with me online because they can’t fly to me. And, of course, the Corona virus is hitting people, and they want to work with me.

I always dreamed of this! As a single mum it’s important for me to be able to grow my business, have a secure, consistent income while being able to take care of my child." ~ Lara Kaza

You can control who you want to be in each moment.

And so, I’m asking you to stay alert to opportunities and specifically the opportunities for you to serve.   

Because it’s in service, that you are going to thrive in these uncertain times. 

are you ready to serve?

If you like what I'm saying, and you want to know how you can get paid to step-up and serve, then download my free PDF. Are You Ready to Get More Clients and Make More Money.  It’s easier than you think to  Get Client Make Money.