When I tell you that the best way to enrol your perfect clients is to invite them to have a call with you, what does that bring up for you?



Concern that you’ll come across as too pushy and salesy?

These are all common reactions, but I want to share a different way of looking at it which will help you reframe what these calls are and how you feel about them...

The purpose of a sales call (you might call them a discovery call or a strategy call) is to help the other person gain clarity on a couple of things:

·         Where they are stuck and challenged right now, in their current situation.

·         What they desire their life to be like instead.

·         What has prevented them from achieving their desired situation so far.

And the method I teach in my Get Clients, Make Money program is based on asking empathetic questions and really listening, to help the other person uncover their thinking about their current situation versus their desired situation.

When my own clients put this into action, it’s a revelation for them.

They realise that instead of a sales/discovery call being something to fear, it’s actually a real gift to the other person on the call.

The reason for this is because you’re giving them the time and space to truly uncover and reflect on their challenge...to get crystal clear on the costs and consequences of continuing to have this challenge in their life and how it’s impacting them, both now and in the future.

You’re also giving them the opportunity to explore and lean into what life would look like for them after they’ve achieved the transformation they desire. To see who they can become and what they can achieve once their challenge is no longer holding them back.

Most people NEVER give themselves the time and space to do this.

They’re usually too busy with everyday stuff to pause, then think and feel deeply about the cost of staying stuck with their current challenge versus the payoff and gain they would benefit from by solving the challenge.

And here’s the thing...

By being the person who helps them through this process during the call, they see you as a guide and advocate.

Not as a pushy salesperson who’s after the sale at any cost.

You’re giving them the gift of space and a safe container to explore where they’re stuck, what they want instead, and most importantly what help they need to bridge the gap.

You’re not being manipulative in any way, because when you follow this process, the way I teach it, there’s zero need to ‘force’ the sale (which is a horrible way to sell anyway, right? I think we can all agree on that!)

Many times when you conduct your sales/discovery calls with this mindset and energetic intention, the person will arrive at the conclusion themselves that they need your help.

Of course, you’re going to tell them how you can help them bridge the gap between where they are now and what they desire instead (if you know your offer is a good fit)...but because you’ve taken the time on your call to help the person understand their situation, presenting your offer as the solution feels like the logical next step and it can be done in a way that’s authentic and low key.

So there’s no need to feel any fear or anxiety about ‘having to do pushy sales calls’ ever again.

My client Carol summed it up well after deciding to invest in working with me when she said:

“Took the jump, and still seeing the benefits. Seeing my job as being in service to my clients has really shifted my block with selling. Your voice is often in my head whenever my confidence starts to lag. Can’t thank you enough!”

So are you ready to embrace giving the gift of these calls with YOUR clients-to-be {firstname}?

It’s one of the most rewarding things I see happening with my clients in my Get Clients, Make Money program, seeing them start to love doing these calls (plus all their new enrolments and sales rolling in as a result too of course!)

You can join us >> HERE, and be starting five minutes from now.