What is that you are aiming for when you set your business goals?

Is it something that you REALLY want? Or is it only what you think you can get? This is the difference between thinking small and thinking big.

So often business owners do not realize the full potential of their businesses.   They are thinking small, and it can be handicapping your business. Think about your business goals for a moment. What do they say about your thinking?

What Do Your Business Goals Say About Your Thinking?

When it comes to setting your business goals, thinking BIG is one of the most vital ways to grow your business. Your thinking impacts the goals you set for yourself, the strategy you implement to drive those goals, and the tactics you use to get there.

Strategy is really important in any business. Without a vision of where you are going and why you want something, the tactics you implement can be ineffectual. Strategy is all about thinking big, thinking about those goals that you really want.

The Magic of Thinking Big

Don’t be put off by the fact that you don’t know if it’s possible or that you may not immediately have the resources to get there. What is important is that your goals get you excited, thinking about them energizes you. That’s the magic of thinking big.

All that passion and energy that you feel when you think about your goals is what drives you to find solutions, strategies and tactics to reach those goals. Before you know it, you will be well on your way to achieving something you first thought was impossible.

A Story About Setting Your Business Goals BIG!

After a personal strategy session with one of my clients, she went away and priced her coaching session four times higher than it was before. This is the value of thinking bigger.

Now she is getting the rate that she wants, rather than the rate that she thought she could get. 

All because she started to think bigger and was willing go after what she really wanted.

Tools to help you Set BIG Business Goals

  • What are the phrases that you use to describe your business goals? Do they include words like “I hope”, “I think” or “Maybe”? These are sure signs that you are thinking small and that you are not really passionate about the business goals that you are going after.
  • When setting your goals and strategy, allow yourself to dream. Take away all the “if’s and but’s” and imagine there were no limitations of what you could achieve. Open your mind to endless possibilities and you will find you suddenly start feeling more energized about your business goals.
  • Make sure that your goals are something that you really want, not just something you think you can achieve. If you want to grow your business, you need to expand on what you think you are capable of and that involves starting to think bigger.

Thinking bigger is a small change of attitude that can have a tremendous impact in your business. When you open your mind to the possibilities out there, it has a way of energizing you and spurring you on to achieve greater levels of success.

The value of thinking bigger really can be immeasurable.   Think big when you set your business goals and watch your business soar!