Manifest a house

Want to know how to manifest a house?

I just received a message from Lara sharing the news that after attending my Freedom Formula event last weekend, she has manifested the gift of a million pound house. Yes, she really did manifest a house!

I’m in awe, but not totally surprised, because we did a powerful process on being worthy to receive….and she gave it her all.

But that’s NOT the reason for sending you this message.

This message is about the power of follow up.

the backstory > how did lara manifest a house

The backstory about how Lara ended up at the event is interesting….

She’d booked a breakthrough call with me about 6 months ago, and when we spoke I realised that program I was offering wasn’t a good fit for her at the time. I gave her some specific advice she could act on without my help, and she expressed an interest in attending one of my events, but we didn’t have one on offer at the time.  

So, when we started promoting the Freedom Formula event, I reached out to Lara.

Yup, a personal message. And I know that might surprise you knowing how much I love automation and systems.

Lara booked on to the event, and the rest is history….

You’ve probably heard the expression ‘the fortune is in the follow up’. Well in this case it’s true. Lara’s fortune literally did come about as a result of me following up with her several months ago.

get new clients > ask who deserves your follow-up

So, who in your world deserves YOUR follow up?

Over and over I urge my clients to follow up with their past clients and prospects, but so many people put it off because they’re busy with other things….

  • …or they don’t want to come off like a pest….
  • ...or they’re ‘too cool for school’ and don’t want to look needy…
  • …or they’re frightened of the word ‘no’….

I can promise you that right now you have potential paying clients sitting on your contacts list or database, but the reason for following up with them is not for what YOU can get out of it, it’s what THEY can get out of it.

If you have a life-changing program, a solution to a problem that is creating misery for your potential clients, then isn’t it worth getting over yourself to get the message out there?

I know that this morning, Lara is VERY grateful that I took the time to follow up with her.


And I know that there are people YOU are connected to who will feel that way about you in a few weeks/months/years too.

So just do it…

And then, if you’d like my help having the conversations that inspire those people so step into a bigger version of themselves and also YOU becoming the person who can receive that abundance of clients, wealth, ease…

…then make sure to book a time to speak with me about how I can help you with that

I look forward to speaking soon.


P.S Did you see what I did there? I love you enough to follow up with you and give you another opportunity to speak with me about your business. Because YOU’RE worthy, and so are your future clients