So what’s it really like, working with Bernadette?”

We’ve all done it, haven’t we?

You’re seeing all the free content I share in these emails and in my Facebook Group, Business Smarts With Heart and maybe you’re thinking about joining my program Get Clients, Make Money...but something is holding you back.

It’s that little questions that niggles away... “what’s she really like to work with?”

And I get it! If you’re going to spend 12 months learning from me, and joining me on my weekly live group coaching sessions, it’s perfectly reasonable to wonder what that’s going to be like.

Firstly, let me say that I’m very much a what you see is what you get person.

If you’ve watched any of my weekly videos, or seen me going live in my Facebook group, that’s me, raw and real.

And you get more of that, PLUS my strategic training and step-by-step guidance when we work together.

I think the best thing is rather than me telling you, I’ll share what my clients say.

Katherine said: “Bernadette just has this ability to condense information very powerfully, like chunk it down for you, into short and simple plans but without losing any of the potency and without skipping out important details. You just get the dose of “this is what you do, go and do it.”

Lois commented: “Absolutely spot on, this is the unique thing about Bernadette – I’m so loving working with you again.”

Sigrid said: “Bernadette is awesome! I love the way she explains things, it just makes sense and her techniques work. Thanks Bernadette for all your support!”

Jules said: “Please raise your hands – I’m in a completely different place with my business since working with Bernadette – I love her no nonsense, no drama approach to just getting it done!!”

Fiona said: “Awesome! Such a solid system you teach Bernadette, so simple and effective. After getting SMASHED in my business at the start of Corona and having to then get my business online, I’ve had three of my best months ever. I highly recommend investing in this program with Bernadette.” [Fiona has since gone on to make over 100k since we started working together]

So if you’re wondering what it’s like to work with me, I hope this gives you a flavour of real insights from my clients.

When you join us in the Get Clients, Make Money program, you get my training, but more importantly, you get my ongoing support as you work the plan and take action.

I remove all the distractions and help you stay focused on doing JUST the tasks which are going to move the needle for you.

Many of my clients make their program investment back within the first 30 days of starting, because of my ability to get you working on the point where the money changes hands in your business.

And then you get my continued support through the weekly live group coaching, so we can work through any road bumps you hit and doubts that come up - there will be doubts and resistance, but it’s completely normal and I help you overcome them quickly so you can keep taking action.

If you’ve been burned in the past with buying programs that overwhelmed you or signing up for things where you were left to figure it out alone...I want to reassure you that my program is very different.

You get my training AND my ongoing support for a full year. If you follow along and use my coaching, and take action you can’t fail!


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