There’s a great quote from Marianne Williamson that says …

"We can't think ourselves into a different way of acting, but we can act ourselves into a different way of thinking."

One thing that I know for sure is:  If you want to shift anything in your life, the way to do it is through consistent action

I'm not talking about crazy action.   I'm not talking about the “Hey let’s go and do loads and loads of busy work.”   I’m not talking about all the stuff you've been using to keep yourself busy;  the actions that  keep you numb and distracted like … doing your re-brand, or having your new logo created, or the new webinar platform you want to install, or the latest course you need to do before you can put yourself out there, or the latest app that everyone has…  the list goes on.    

You can get so busy with all that stuff, right?   AND that’s a lot of hard work for little or zero result.   I want to talk to you about the heart work.  


When I refer to taking action, I want to make a clear distinction between action that is hard work and the consistent actions that are heart work.

The heart work are the actions that will ultimately allow you to receive higher amounts of money and abundance in your business and life.   Heart work is the taking consistent, specific actions that produce the results that are going to make receiving what you want inevitable.

Here’s an example …  In my Online Profits Fast Track programme we've identified eight core actions, that if a person takes them consistently, makes reaching 10K plus months inevitable.

Those actions are a combination of sales activity, lead generation activity, and mindset. I promise anyone who joins my programme, “You show up and you commit to those eight core activities, you do the consistent heart work,  and you do it day in, day out …  over a matter of weeks, your success is not then just probable, it becomes inevitable.”

That’s because we’ve identified what the heart work is.  We’ve identified the key things that produce the real results.  We keep you on track to do those things consistently, while dealing with the distractions, mindset and bright shiny objects that will try to take you in different directions.

We’ve got the results to prove that heart work works ... 

"$48,000 in just 11 weeks!"

I was anxious and frustrated, trying lots of things to grow my business.  I had to find a smarter way to work online and  I needed to find the right person to help me.  

Bernadette showed me how to restructure my programmes in a way that I earn more money, working less, while adding greater value to my clients.   I saw ROI within 30 days, then went on to make $48,000 in the first 11 weeks.   And my clients are making even more dramatic transformations working with me.   Absolutely priceless!" ~ Mandy Napier


Let’s say you planned to run a marathon to raise money for charity.   The only way that you're going to successfully run a marathon is by logging the miles, by doing the training right?

The question is at 6 a.m. when your alarm goes off and it's raining and it feels nice and cosy in bed, what are you going to do?  Are you going to get out and put your shoes on and get out the front or are you going to roll over and hit the snooze button?

It's in these moments; these moments of action that our fate gets determined. These moments determine your success.    

These are they types of decisions that we have control over, will we own it in that moment and take action or not?

That’s what I mean when I say it's not through thinking about things it's by taking action and then monitoring your action and asking yourself on a consistent basis, “Am I taking the actions necessary and if not, what is it that needs to shift here?”


Sometimes a limiting belief can stop you from taking action.  It could be a fear that you need to push past, or you need to move through. Sometimes it could just be something simple like a skills upgrade that you need or a shift in environment; some small tweak that needs to happen in your business and life.  It could be that you need assistance in identifying your heart work - the core activities that are going to make your success inevitable.

If you’re ready and willing to step away from the hard work and start doing the consistent heart work AND you’d like to start having $10K months like Mary, and many others, then let’s talk.  Your next step is to  Book a call here. You can make your success inevitable, and it can start today ... you just need to take the first action.