Success Stories

Since actioning all your “daily doings” things have exploded! Within 4 weeks I’ve made an extra £7,800 with another £25,000 in the pipeline.

I had so much fear around selling and charging a higher price. But because of your teachings, I don’t feel like I’m having to market or sell to anyone. I love talking to people and having natural conversations where I’m serving my clients. I’m so comfortable with this system and it feels so great to make such a difference in the lives of others.

Lara Kasza

I went from making barely making any money to $5000 per month in only 6 weeks with Bernadette Doyle help. And that was 5 years ago.

Now I make average $30K and rising.

I work way less than before and make 10-fold more money. Do yourself a favour and invest in your self.


My business and my life have changed since I started working with Bernadette at the beginning of April.

I made $8k in two months in an online health coaching business that I started almost from scratch at that time.

My skills and confidence have grown exponentially and I’m loving what I’m doing. If you want practical strategies that can have you making sales within days, don’t hesitate to sign up to work with Bernadette

Loretta Ferruci

To work with Bernadette 

To work with Bernadette 

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