Have you ever had an instance of your computer breaking, your phone smashing, your car breaking down, or other electronic devices or things breaking in your life?   This is exactly what was going on with my cameraman, who on our recent filming day, revealed to me that he was having a spate of electronic breakdowns – thus inspiring this article today!

When you go through a spate where a lot of this “breaking-down” is happening, I call it, the breakdown before the breakthrough. Sometimes the breakdown before the breakthrough can be more emotional, but if STUFF around you is breaking down… what is actually happening at an energetic level is that your vibration has shifted.

The stuff that used to be a match to the old you, are no longer a vibrational match. One way that it exits is it will break down. It will get broken somehow or someone might even conveniently steal it from you. I’ve even had things literally vanish into thin air.

Just the way that you react in this moment can make a huge difference. You can either turn it into a story and go, “Oh my goodness, things happen in threes; I’m so unlucky; Why is this happening to me?” You can be a victim in this moment or you could go, “Oh, this is a sign that literally, the old stuff in my life is exiting, it is disappearing and more and better is coming.”

If you can remember that at that moment, whenever it feels like everything is breaking down, it feels like you have one more thing to repair or pay for or replace and you’re like, “Oh why, this couldn’t happen at a worse time.” If only you could go with it and stay in that spirit of blessing it, let it go, appreciate the part it played in your life. Accept that the time together is up – when you do that, then it’s amazing how you can transition with grace and it’s also quite interesting what you open yourself up to.

You might find that you are gifted a new phone. You might find that somehow you win a new computer. The key is to stay open to the fact that the old is moving out, so the new and better stuff is coming in.

The first time I experienced this in my own life was back in 2009. I had just made a major shift in my life. I moved from Ennis in County Clare, 250 miles to the other side of the country.

I moved to the other side of the country, and in the space of a few weeks, my computer got broken – the screen shattered. My phone disappeared into thin air. Another little video flip cam that I had got stolen, and I can’t remember actually what happened with my car but there was something that went on with my car. It was really just a sign of the up levelling that I was going through. It also happened with relationships too. There were people who had been in my life that literally exited – this made way for the new ones to come in.

I wanted to talk on this subject to give you a new perspective on what might be happening for you if it seems like everything is “breaking down.” I’m sure this topic is going to stimulate comments so feel free to share in the comments below.

If what I’ve talked about has been happening to you, if you can relate, any tips that you might have on how to get through this transition, please share that too.